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Marijuana Legalization in Texas

The problem of marijuana legalization in Texas is a recurring public discussion that includes various and sometimes polarized opinions. For instance, only one month ago, the state’s governor Greg Abbott argued in favor of cannabis usage decriminalization (Jaeger, 2022). Additionally, Ramsey (2022) claims that as many as 69% of Texas citizens support the softening of legal penalties for marijuana possession. Therefore, it is seen that the current legislation that the state has does not coincide with popular opinion and, thus, should be reconsidered. Moreover, the current academic research fails to justify the assumptions that were the primary reasons to make cannabis illegal (Nöel & Wang, 2018). Instead, the latter status of marijuana currently is associated with some social problems that would not exist if the laws were changed.

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Proposed Research

A statement of the current policy and what is wrong with it

As of today, the state solely allows the usage of marijuana for medical purposes. As a consequence of such strict policies, there is an illegal market of drug dealers. In turn, it leads to high criminality levels related to the sellers’ conflicts with each other. Furthermore, there are higher chances that those who wanted to try marijuana would eventually start using heavier drugs due to dealers’ manipulations. Moreover, as was mentioned above, the current research cannot prove the previous assumptions such as marijuana gateway theory which results in suppression of people’s free will without sufficient reasons.

The statement of the problem

Therefore, it is seen that the current laws harm society more than benefit it. On the one hand, they lead to the formation of criminal groups that seek to satisfy the niche demand, and, on the other hand, they deprive people of free choice.

Who is affected by the problem

As it is seen, the current problem affects all the citizens of Texas. In this regard, some may suffer from the increased criminality levels; others may become addicted to heavy drugs due to dealers’ manipulations.

The statement of objectives

Thus, the current project intends to analyze the impact of marijuana decriminalization or legalization on society and cannabis users in other states. As such, it seeks to showcase the state’s decision-makers the advantages that legal reform in this sphere may bring.

Options that will work

The paper seeks to persuade the Congress of the Republic of Texas to decriminalize or legalize the possession and usage of marijuana. The proposed solutions presumably will bring the cannabis trade under governmental control, which will result in reduced criminality levels.


Jaeger, K. (2022). GOP Texas Governor says people shouldn’t be jailed over marijuana possession, but misstates current law. Marijuana Moment. Web.

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Ramsey, R. (2022). Analysis: Texas politicians can change their minds. But it helps if the public goes first. The Texas Tribune. Web.

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