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Marketing Vs. Accounting: Comparison of Two Professions


While applying for a job, a person should consider all the merits and drawbacks of the future profession. Thus, it is necessary to find out the jobs perspectives for further promotion. Then, one should study the salary rates and benefits packages. An applicant should be aware of the degree required for that job. Finally, the job must conform to the type of the applicants’ personality. Personally, my goal is to become an accountant since it fits my psychological type of personality. To be more confident in my choice, I consider it reasonable to compare accounting and marketing since these professions have much in common.

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Main body

First, it is necessary to consider the jobs outlook. Many experts think that the accounting profession is one of the most effective routes to the peak of cooperation (Gaylord 46). In accordance with a governmental forecast made ten years ago, the accountant will be in high demand nowadays. Moreover, due to the dramatic development of adaptable accounting systems the role of accountants lies not in providing figures but in analyzing the financial data (Goldberg105). As for marketing, it offers excellent career opportunities in numerous domains such as professional selling, advertising, marketing research and product management. The marketing profession is also in demand in non-business organizations like hospitals, museums, and even social agencies (Lamb 14). As it can be seen, the job prospects are great both for marketing and for accounting.

Each profession requires a proper education and experience. However, there are people who successfully perform the accounting operations without being certified. That is why, for a non-certified person, a traditional four-year degree would be sufficient. Becoming a certified public accountant demands a higher education accomplishment. To be more exact, the core knowledge of a diligent accountant should include Financial and Management Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, Informational Technology and Business Finance. Moreover, the acquaintance with Law and Economics is also of paramount importance. A considerable emphasis is made on the study of information technology since an accountant has a direct connection with the finance data processing that is carried out by means of computer technologies (Elliot 781). Unlike accounting, the minimum requirement for the marketing profession is a master’s degree. To increase the possibility of access to more respectable positions in marketing, it is obligatory to get the master’s degree. Bachelor degree holders may face a serious competition (The United States Department 176). On a whole, accounting demands a lower educational level.

Finally, while choosing a profession the salary is also of great significance. Hence, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2002 the average annual salary of accountants was $47,000. In addition, the holders of the bachelor’s degree get $40,000 per year, while people with complete higher education have $43,000 annually. It is should be also mentioned that the salary fluctuations greatly depend on the place of work since higher salaries are typical of larger cities (Alba et al. 79). Salaries for experienced marketers, however, may vary from $ 50,000 to $80,000. Marketing managers’ salaries are not so attractive as it was several years ago but still they are rather competitive (WetFeet 51). Although marketers have more respectable salaries than accountants do, still the salaries of accountants tend to be steadier.


After comparing the two professions, I have been assured that both careers open brilliant opportunities for promotion. However, I am still assured that accounting is exactly what I wanted. The fact that accounting mostly deals with figures but not with people fits me perfectly since I am a very introverted person. Moreover, marketing consists of a direct communication with customers and, therefore, that does meet my requirements.

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