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Mastering the Interview

Establishing Rapport

Several ways can be observed through the buyer-seller prism on how to create a better relationship with the employer during the interview. Primarily, it is vital to show genuine interest by asking questions, opinions, and by listening. Remember that both employer and potential employee are interested in meeting each other’s needs. Therefore, the future worker may ask such questions as “Could you explain to me my duties?”, “Have you seen the recent news related to your production?” and others. Employers must observe a desire to work with them and vice versa.

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Moreover, building rapport on both personal and business levels is a step to success. When the boss and his employees have similar hobbies and interests, in addition to shared business responsibilities, this guarantees a positive interaction (Margolin, 2017). For instance, they may support one baseball team and spend holidays in the same resort. It is also important to avoid talking about politics, religion, or silly jokes.

Employer’s Needs

The majority of employers want their workers to be flexible, which means they should be able to adjust to any changes. Moreover, they desire to have employers with decent communication skills because verbal competence is a key to solving any issue (Margolin, 2017). Honesty and loyalty are top priorities for the employee seekers as these qualities prove one’s commitment to the company. Finally, teamwork is essential since working harmoniously with a group of people is the foundation of significant accomplishments.

Since the competition is tough, employers look for specific qualities and knowledge such as resilience, resistance to working under stress, knowing particular programs and interfaces, and others. Undoubtedly, these employers’ needs and wants can be revealed before starting to work. First, an employee may ask direct questions during the interview and clarify how the company deals with different problems. Second, one can inquire about the short-term objectives to indicate what kind of professionals they are currently looking for. Asking about people who work in the company can be useful as well.

Relate the Benefits of Hiring You

Honestly, I think I can do my work efficiently and deliver tangible results. Moreover, I am good at communicating and collaborating with people; thus, I will entirely fit in the team. At my previous workplace, the company’s productivity increased by 18% percent, which guarantees I will be a great addition to your company’s future success. The company’s objectives and accomplishments will be my top priority.

Uncover and Overcome Objections

Employers’ concern about loyalty to the company and working for an extended period is among the most common employer objections. However, the employee may state that they are searching for a long-term position and provide references from previous workplaces. Moreover, the HR manager may communicate that a potential worker does not have enough experience. In this case, revising one’s portfolio may solve the problem. On the other hand, overqualification may pose an issue as well. This situation requires a thorough explanation of why the employee wants to work in this particular company, realizing their opportunities to improve it.

Ask for the Position

A potential employee may send a letter or email or interest rather than directly asking for a particular position. Such a message which draws the employer’s attention as demonstrating genuine interest is essential. Moreover, it is crucial to building rapport instead of merely being curious about job opportunities since fostering relations can ensure many benefits. Eventually, asking for information about the workplace is far more efficient than asking for its availability as people tend to help those interested in improving a company.

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