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Situational Analysis of Apple Inc. Corporation

Description of the Company

Apple Inc. is a telecommunications firm that manufacturers sleekly designed communication gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, PCs, iMacs, and other software offerings that work together with telecommunication devices. Apple Inc is headquartered in Cupertino, California with over 350 retail stores globally (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2012). The firm’s operations are based on environmental conservation and innovation so as to provide efficient computing services to communities (O’Grady, 2009).

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Most business organizations operating in a similar line such as Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft have embraced social media marketing tools. To stay relevant and competitive, Apple Inc has to use social media marketing tools to increase sales, market cover or domination, and increase profitability in the long run (Hill & Jones, 2012). Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook have been useful in handling customer complaints in real time; Apple Inc has to use them to respond to consumers’ needs through such modes of communication. The present market positioning involves building continuous customer relationships and most target groups have embraced social media; meaning that the firm has to use such tools to widen its market cover and competitiveness.


The competitors of Apple Inc include software as well as hardware manufacturing firms in the information and telecommunications sector. Samsung Corporation is one of the major competitors, producing diverse products making it a household name. The company (Samsung) also prices its products more affordably when compared with Apple Inc. making it have a competitive advantage over other telecommunication firms. Nokia and Sony Corporations are great rivals to Apple in the mobile segment as their products are cheaper compared to those of Apple. These rival firms have more operating stores across the world than Apple Inc, implying there is a need to embrace social media marketing in order to reach as many customers as possible (Funk, 2012).


Successful social media marketing ought to be attained through marshalling efforts from both internal and external stakeholders. Internal collaborators entail the marketing department, especially employees with immense knowledge in internet marketing, SEO knowledge, and social media strategists (Barker, 2013). Collaborators external to the organization can entail bloggers, scheduling online webinars, and creating platforms or networks for group participation such as forums on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Collaborations can be done by providing redeemable tickets to a given number of participants and attract many people to sign up. Participants will be informed about new product or service offerings. They will then be asked to inform other people in different social media groups or forums.


Customers that will derive value from this social media marketing campaign will be individuals aged 16-60 years. SMEs and large scale organizations will also benefit since most of these customers have signed up for at least one of the major social networking sites. Social media marketing will fit into the lives of all targeted customers and result to increased sales and profits to the company. Middle income earners will benefit as they will be updated on current prices and subscription fees to different internet or software offering by Apple Inc. Apple’s products and services are highly priced thus only middle class, and high income can afford its products/services (Barker, 2013). Apple Inc should leverage on social networking effect to increase its profits.


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