Mathematic Course In Arithmetical Problem Solving

In writing this letter, I am seeking to address students who will be taking a mathematic course in Arithmetical problem Solving, in the future, with the sole intention of enlightening them on what the course is all about.

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Personally, my initial perception of the course was that the course was designed like all other mathematics courses with all complex formulas and calculations, which leaves the student’s brain stretched to the limit. To say the least, I was very wrong.

Arithmetic Problem Solving course is more like a mathematic refreshing course. Most of what is taught in this class is a repeat of what most of you were taught in elementary school. As long as you have the basic ideas in mathematic, then you will not have a problem getting started on the course as the class calls for refreshing what you have already learned in the past.

In most mathematics classes, formulas, tables, and calculations make almost 90 percent of the class activities; well you will be surprised to note that the Arithmetic Problem Solving course involves a lot of writing. This is one aspect of this course that makes it different from other mathematics courses.

I am sure you will greatly benefit from some simple instructions and few words of wisdom that will help you succeed in this class. This class calls for regular attendance, there is no two way about this, you have to attend all classes as this is the only way you benefits from your tutor 100 percent. It is also important to communicate and seek assistance from your fellow classmates. Brainstorm each other when necessary, learn from them, and when in doubt don’t hesitate to contact your tutor for guidance.

Another important rule that will have you go through the course successfully is to make sure that you get done doing your assignments as soon as possible. This way, you will be able to relate the questions and solutions to what you have just learned in class, besides, you will have ample time to do your work before you get other courses assignment that will pressure you down. If you decide to wait till weekends, I can bet on you that you will have forgotten most of what you had learned in the class.

If you follow these simple instructions, I can guarantee you that you will finish the Arithmetic Problem Solving course successfully and with good grades. It’s up to you now, to make that important decision that you are ready to succeed in this course.

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