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McKinsey Corporation: Donald’s Theory on Training


This paper will discuss a state firm insurance company and what business the company is mostly involved in. This paper will seek to discuss the orientation of McKinsey Corporation and how it will hire and retain its staff in the future. This paper will also discuss Donald’s Kirkpatrick four level evaluation methods.

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State farm insurance refers an association of companies that render financial and insurance services. It is a dominant industry player and holds a large chunk of the market compared to its competitors. It insures cars and homes in America and Canada. State farm initially dealt with insurance of cars only but later incorporated farmers later in their business. The success of this company was in tandem with its support by farmers who were thrilled by the low premiums. State Farm later went into banking and financial services. The firm also insures homes and assures life (Huey, 2003).

Donald Kirkpatrick came up with the levels of evaluating training programs in 1975.These levels of evaluation include; the reaction of the student which explains the reaction of the student to the learning process, the leaning process which imparts knowledge in the student, the behavioral change in terms of improvement of the trainees especially in implementation and the final results which involve the effects of the training on the company (Elsman, 2005).

This model would improve training in Mckinsey especially in their Knowledge Management Center. The training center should be in an environment that is conducive for learning and thus the students would be able to concentrate. Mckinsey Corporation should evaluate the final process by checking the client feedback to see if the consultants are using the knowledge imparted to the advantage of the company. This model would be ideal for Mckinsey since they would be able to have a proper relationship with the employees.

This company has a small organization of consultants which is called knowledge management system. This organization has a variety of professionals who include; industrial experts, librarians and general researchers. In this system, there is access to journals databases and research materials (Huey, 2003). This system helps the company management engage professionally with its clients. This system also helps the company to acquire studies from earlier client studies. This is also crucial for acquiring background information

The company will be required to hire graduates with other advanced disciplines for example law, engineering and medicine. The company will require graduates with degrees in business studies as this will boost their knowledge in this field of work and also to add up in their earlier degrees if any (Elsman, 2005).

If I were running a training program, I would evaluate the success by checking on the customer feed back. This is the best way of checking on the improvement of the staff as the customer is always right. I would use this to confirm if what the trainees have learnt is impacting positively on the company.

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This paper has discussed Donald’s theory on training and how Mckinsey can use this theory for its own good. The paper has also discussed how the firm will hire and retain workers in the future.

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