Membership in American Association of Nurse Practitioners

The selected professional organization is the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). After the merger in 2013 by two older organizations, this association is the largest national professional organization for NPs in all specialties. Similar to other major nursing organizations, the AANP has a diverse focus with the purpose to promote high-quality healthcare. Its purpose is aimed towards advancing nursing practice, education, research, advocacy, and leadership. The AANP embodies key nursing values both ethical and practical including integrity, excellence, professionalism, leadership, and service (AANP, n.d.a). It also provides nurses with a unified network to exchange information, gain support on pertinent issues, and valuable tools for continuing education or engaging in advocacy. This part of the perks received by members as nurses receives access to a variety of educational materials or seminars, including two quality journals published by the organization. Members also receive the latest updates on relevant practice management or changes in the legislature that may impact nurse practitioners.

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Nurse practitioners benefit significantly from professional networking opportunities in the field to exchange information and develop valuable relationships. With the availability of technology, social media, and online communities, networking has become easier. The relationships that one builds through networking can benefit one personally by allowing for potential collaboration or involvement in a new job opportunity to expand on the professional career. Networking also creates an opportunity for professionals in the field to bond together for advocacy, with strategies on practice and patient advocacy, with the ultimate goal of influencing administrative policies or even legislation. At the same time, networking does help nurses to be more involved in the profession, aware of any changing health regulations, approaches to treatment, and other general best practices. In a way, networking is also an opportunity for continuing education as it allows to gain a comprehensive view of the profession and healthcare landscape based on the experiences and competencies of fellow nurses (AANP, 2019). The AANP organization prioritizes networking by creating local branches for nurses, hosting conferences as well as creating a large online community with significant opportunities for virtual networking.

The AANP has several methods of sharing information with its members regarding changes to practice or health care regulations. Periodic newsletters are sent out via email that maintains key bits of information. The organization also regularly publishes articles on its website, especially with summaries or the importance of vital events such as Congress sessions on healthcare reform. Finally, the organization publishes two respectable journals available to members, one which addresses clinical practice and management with other practical nursing concepts, while the other is clinical and policy-focused. This is part of the AANP’s education initiative to ensure nurses are kept up to date on the latest practices and policies. The organization also maintains a continuing education (CE) center which offers a list of educational programs and opportunities across various NP disciplines or competencies. Completing these activities is universally accepted by state boards and regulatory bodies, allowing nurses to raise their qualifications while the CE offered by the AANP upkeeps a centralized database of records for one’s convenience (AANP, n.d.b). The organization also offers conferences and workshops for all levels and concentrations of nurse practitioners, emphasizing both academic and interprofessional learning for growth in the industry. The AANP has established itself as a leading organization for NPs with the key purpose to the advancement of the profession in advocacy, networking, leadership, and education.


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