Nursing Licensure, Accreditation, Certification, Education

Licensure, accreditation, certification, and education (LACE) are essential in the healthcare sector since they ensure that nurses possess the required knowledge and skills. Every state has specific demands and policies regarding LACE and licensure. This means that all nursing programs have to be approved. These measures support the monitoring and quality of available medical services.

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LACE in California

In California, LACE applicants should have a master’s degree and be registered practitioners. They should have attended schools that are accredited and recognized by the National League of Nursing (“Advanced practice nursing California,” n.d). The application process takes several stages to make sure that all demands are fulfilled. Licenses are renewed periodically to promote competence and efficiency.

LACE in Washington

The specifications and considerations for LACE in California and Washington are similar. Specialists are required to undergo an advanced program designed for ARNPs. A master’s degree is demanded from potential applications (“Advanced registered nurse,” n.d.). A national certification examination is needed to get privileges for working in the demanded sphere.

LACE in Illinois

LACE licenses in this state fall into these four categories: certified nurse-midwife (CNM), certified nurse practitioner (CNP), certified clinical nurse specialist (CNS), and certified clinical nurse anesthetist (CRNA). A master’s degree and application for Registered Professional Nurse Examination Packet are essential for those who target the LACE license (“Advanced practice nursing Illinois,” n.d.). Successful candidates get privileges as health workers. The entire process is monitored by the Illinois Center for Nursing.


The requirements for LACE in the above states have presented several similarities. Firstly, a master’s degree is demanded from all applications. Secondly, an examination process is mandatory. Thirdly, successful professionals will get similar privileges to licensed nurses. Fourthly, the application procedure is the same. Finally, all applicants should possess desirable skills and knowledge.


Some differences are evident from the above discussion. For instance, there are specific regulatory bodies and centers in such areas. There are placement packages that are unique to specific states. Some peculiarities at the local level impact the LACE program. Applicants will be required to consider different payments or fees.

Strategies to Achieve Continuity

The standardization of procedures and approaches implemented by different state regulatory boards will deliver continuity. Educational standards and APRN consensus models should be streamlined in all regions. The implementation of full-practice authority and improvement of cooperation among regulatory agencies will result in continuous improvement (Polit & Beck, 2017). The regulation of the sphere and introduction of laws will support applicants’ needs and deliver improved medical outcomes.

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Independent Practice

In Florida, independent NP practice is not permitted. This means that NPs are usually supervised by licensed physicians by the Florida Board of Nursing protocol. This agency monitors the practices and responsibilities of NPs. This means that NPs offer primary care and can be delegated by specified authorities.

Opinion on Independent Practice

All states should allow NPs to work independently. This practice will ensure that more patients receive high-quality services. More practitioners will also have a positive perspective and become motivated. They will be willing to identify additional competencies and skills. This development will maximize the health experiences of all populations in the United States.


The above discussion has indicated that there some similarities and differences in LACE considerations. The standardization of the required policies and procedures across all states will streamline the process. The APRN model will deliver positive results and support citizens’ demands. Independent practice for NPs is essential to improve the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare sector.


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