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Veteran Treatment and Florida’s State Strategies


The accessibility of health management services has been an issue for numerous vulnerable groups in Miami, FL. Therefore, considering the reform that was expected to handle the described concern and propose a solution to it seems quite legitimate. The needs of veterans living in Miami, FL, have been addressed quite poorly for a while, with the access to mental health services having been severely restricted (Hester, 2017). Therefore, the healthcare act known as Alternative Treatment Options for Veterans (Florida Senate, 2019) has been an important addition to the current set of standards of veteran care since it provided a chance to increase the nurse-patient ratio and introduce a patient-centered formula.

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The reform known as the Alternative Treatment Options for Veterans was introduced to the Congress for further consideration in 2019 (Florida Senate, 2019). The specified regulation is believed to lead to the creation of a greater number of options for the aging population living in Florida (Florida Senate, 2019). The regulation provides a greater range of treatment options for veterans and ensures that the offered care is of the highest quality possible (Hester, 2017). The changes in the assessment policies and the structure of the communication process between patients and nurses are expected to cause an increase in the efficacy of the delivered healthcare services. Moreover, the specified regulation will give a chance to spot a health issue before it develops into a major problem that may jeopardize a veteran’s life (Hester, 2017). As a result, a health issue will be addressed in a timely manner and with the help of the due tools, ensuring that a veteran maintains good health. Finally, the described legal change will prompt a better patient education due to enhanced communication between nurses and patients.


Being a part of the federal course aimed at tending to the needs of veterans, the Alternative Treatment Options for Veterans is completely state-funded (Florida Senate, 2019). While the identified source of financial assets can be seen as legitimate, the introduction of additional financing opportunities may be considered a necessity due to the need to create the healthcare services of the finest quality. Therefore, there is the reason to seek investors outside of the state-related sources. However, introducing an intricate funding structure should be considered with caution since it may lead to an increase in the levels of bureaucracy and reduce the extent of accessibility to care for veterans. Nonetheless, the current funding system can be seen as quite effective, even though it is a bit basic. For the Alternative Treatment Options for Veterans Act, government support implies the opportunity to deliver the necessary services effectively.


The reform has made quite an impact on the Florida community. Specifically, the well-being of aging people has been addressed by increasing the ease of access to healthcare services and creating additional opportunities for nurse-patient communication. The proposed solution to the management of aging patients’ needs can be seen as a perfect compromise between the constraints of the current health management system and the health concerns of the target demographic. However, for this purpose, additional options for education should be provided to nurses so that the issue of the nurse-patient ratio should not affect the further implementation of the regulation. Specifically, training courses and other opportunities for increasing the range and level of nursing competencies should be provided (Tucker et al., 2018).


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