Miami Breast Cancer Conference: Scholarly Activity


Breast cancer is a prominent variation of the condition, as the body part is generally considered to be among the most common targets for the illness. As such, it is essential for nurses to understand all aspects of the condition, as they will likely have to care for patients affected by it at some point. Scholarly inquiry is at the core of such care, as it allows one to identify pertinent issues and address them appropriately. As such, attending a conference on breast cancer was an excellent way to improve the author’s knowledge.

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The specific event featured in this activity is the 36th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference. According to “36th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference®” (2019), it is directed towards oncologists as well as nurses, researchers, and other medical professionals. The goal of the event was to discuss the modern understanding of the condition, particularly in unclear or controversial areas. As such, nurses could benefit from an understanding of the latest methods and issues related to the topic.


Best practices in breast cancer treatment are continually changing as new research findings surface and new methods emerge. As care providers, nurses must understand the procedures patients are undergoing to avoid errors and offer them appropriate support. Furthermore, new areas of care continuously appear, and nurses may be unaware of the latest developments. As such, a nurse could learn a considerable amount of new information that would help in the administration of care.


The conference proposed a variety of new screening methods for early detection of breast cancer in the stages where it can be cured without danger to the patient. The speakers also discussed the dispensation of care to patients and the various aspects of treatment that are relevant for nurses. Oral care, which nurses often do not practice despite its importance (Suminski, Inglehart, Munz, Van Poznak, & Taichman, 2017), was a noteworthy topic. Overall, the conference explored the latest practices used by both physicians and nurses to improve the well-being and outcomes of breast cancer patients.


By interacting with leaders in the field, nurses can understand the detection and treatment of the condition better. They can also consult them on any potential ethical or other issues and use their insights when making decisions in the future. In learning about new areas of care, they can obtain a foundation that can be used to search for best practices and incorporate them into work. Overall, nurses would be able to improve the quality of the care they provide to patients with breast cancer.

Program Competencies Addressed

The conference aimed to improve the participants’ medical knowledge and help them adapt to the evolving health care environment. As such, it addresses competency 1.2: manage patient care within the changing environment of the health care system. By teaching nurses about new aspects of care, also fulfills objective 3.2: implement patient care decisions based on evidence-based practice. Lastly, objective 3.1 may be considered fulfilled due to the conference’s broad scope.


The conference visited for this assignment discussed breast cancer and offered useful information for any medical worker. It displayed new methods for the discovery and treatment of the condition, with nursing playing a prominent role in the latter. As a result, there was much for a nurse to learn from and grow professionally. The conference addressed several critical competencies, most of which are in the nursing practice domain.

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