High-Quality Nursing Practice and Needed Skills

Nurses need to facilitate their clients and benefit them that is why it is vital for them to have enough knowledge and well-developed skills (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2016). All patients are different that each of them requires appropriate and unique care (Manley, Hills, & Marriot, 2011). Being a student who is willing to turn into a family nurse practitioner, I will definitely utilize different principles of care and holistic nursing to benefit my clients.

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Nursing Practice

As a nurse, I am provided with the information needed to care patients and improve their health condition (Adams, 2016). My practice depends greatly on the code of nursing ethics, and it can be viewed in different ways. Holistic nursing is one of the most significant concepts included in my education. It deals with the way patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being should be promoted (Papathanasiou, Sklavou, & Kourkouta, 2013). Unfortunately, many nursing programs that are used in practice fail to pay enough attention to spiritual care needs, which I consider to be a great drawback.

Caring Concepts

Being committed to patients, I realize that focusing on spiritual care just as on physical or emotional needs, I can benefit them and improve the way they feel. Consistency allows me to be always focused on my clients and represent their concerns (Drahošová & Jarošová, 2016). Thus, I ensure that they are aware of their disease and treatment processes. As a nurse, I am to educate them and reveal what should be done and what activities are to be avoided because of their health conditions.

Being a competent professional, I should manage to promote health and disease prevention, developing positive but formal relations with patients. I have an opportunity to affect nursing care in a good way if I pay attention to clients’ emotional well-being (McCormack et al., 2015). Utilizing holistic care, I should also ensure that my patients’ economic and social condition is not overlooked. In this way, I am supposed to find out trustworthy information about their living conditions. Compassion is critical for the fulfillment of this goal because it makes me closer to clients and ensures the development of positive relations. As a result, they will be willing to share their worries with me, and I will be able to provide additional support.

Example of Caring

Having a patient who is a representative of the elderly population and experiences issues with maintaining daily operations (such as walking and eating without assistance), I will consider whether one’s needs coincide with available resources. I will get in contact with a patient and their family to identify problems faced by both of them. The emphasis will be made on the possibility to have a nurse who will come at least several times a week to take care of the patient. In this way, they will not feel a burden, and relatives will have an opportunity to take a rest and avoid negative emotions associated with the necessity to care of the patient. An additional guideline will be provided to ensure that clients realize how they can improve their well-being without additional assistance and prevent the possibility of exhaustion or depression.


Thus, high-quality nursing practice requires appropriate utilization of holistic care. As a professional, I should pay attention to different elements of human lives but not only on their physical well-being. I will combine competence and compassion successfully to make certain that my practice promotes human dignity and benefits both clients and their families.


Adams, L. Y. (2016). The conundrum of caring in nursing. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 9(1), 1-8.

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