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Microsoft Company Employment Discrimination

Summary of the Main Issue

The Microsoft Corporation is a well-known tech company that hires employees from different parts of the world and provides the best ideas in the constantly changing technological world. However, despite its current success, the company faces a number of cases of employment discrimination. For example, at the beginning of the 2000s, Microsoft Corp dealt with the racial discrimination case when several former employees filed a lawsuit on the basis of racial discrimination (“New Bias Lawsuit”, 2001). Several lessons were taught, and the company demonstrated a sophisticated approach to its employees.

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Still, in several years, another case of employment discrimination was observed. In this paper, the case that took place not long time ago will be discussed. In 2015, Katherine Moussouris sued her former place of work, Microsoft Corporation, for the evident cases of employment discrimination. She underlined the fact that her promotion and working bonuses were neglected during a long period of time and explained as an inappropriate “manner or style” (Wiessner, 2015). It was stated that Microsoft Corp undervalues its female workers, their contributions, and achievements. Besides, Moussouris provides several examples when male workers get more awards and support from the company in problem-solving situations that cover some technological aspects. The lack of diversity can be observed at Microsoft’s workforce (only 24% are female workers) and at the executive level (only 12% are women) (O’Brien, 2015). Though it is hard to prove that some illegal situations take place, the situation is no under the control of the US District Court for the Western District of Washington (No. 15-cv-1483) (Wiessner, 2015).

Results of the Case

This particular matter has not been solved yet. The case is still open. It is suggested that the company has to pay some financial charges and answer all discrimination issues. The peculiar feature of this case is that Microsoft did not find it necessary to respond to the Moussouris’ claim quickly. The company expects the particular legal steps to be taken. Today, more than 117,000 employees work at Microsoft. It is hard to calculate the exact damages and explain if the concerns and doubts can be proved legally. It is offered that the excess of about $5 million has to be discussed (Wiessner, 2015). Still, Microsoft does not demonstrate any improvements or changes that can be applied to future hiring endeavors.

Personal Opinion about the Case

This case may have several opinions. On the one hand, only one person sued to the company. Not much attention is paid to the situations when the cases of employment discrimination take place. Newspapers and other Internet sources do not provide the reader with clear examples of when discrimination can be discovered. Microsoft is a successful company with a number of contributions offered to its employees and consumers. The claim of one person should not be a huge concern, and such situations should be solved on an organizational level. On the other hand, it is wrong to neglect the claim and believe that the situation can be solved with time. It is necessary to search for a solution quickly not to make this problem spread in the working environment. If Moussouris has enough grounds and examples to provide, she is welcome to support her position. Such case may help Microsoft become better anyway and pay more attention to the questions of employment discrimination.


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