US Logistics and Transportation Industry

The Specifications of the American Economy

The United States of America represents the most dominant world economy level, which may be justified by the high development of the US infrastructure as well as efficient international marketing. Thus, the American dollar became the most usable world transaction currency. It characterizes the global dispersion of US goods and services throughout the world.

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Since the United States of America support the regulations of international trade and investments, the central government strongly emphasizes a constant improvement of the transportation and logistics (TLM) sphere. The efficient management of these dimensions stipulates a flow of American production on a worldwide scale. Currently, the quality of the industry is extremely high, for the total expenditure for the US logistics and transportation equals 8.5 % of the gross domestic allocation (The logistics and transportation industry in the United States, 2012).

The constant development of the industry techniques is proportional to the growth of the American economy, for its management supports the supply chain improvements. Due to Crum (2015), the USA was the first country that managed to integrate such basic transportation operations as packaging, goods shipping, and inventory control with logistics functions of movement and materials handling (p. 4).

This project targets the illustration of the connection between the relevant TLM theories that are used in the US industry today and the financial prosperity of the country. Specifically, the political factors are considered as well as the field-specific data is described.

Transportation and Logistics Management Review

The dimension of the US TLM management often becomes a subject of political propaganda. Since the sector of supply chain exchange dominates the US economy, both the Republicans and Democrats in America refer to transportation and logistics support during their regular political debates, as well as in speeches, and pre-selection programs.

Today, the US political narratives represent an integrative approach to the industrial sphere. Thus, lately, both parties created a consistent agreement on the issue of port infrastructure investments. In other words, America took a course on long-term maintenance of the waterside facilities improvement through the application of Harbor Maintenance Tax (HMT) (Burnson, 2011, para. 5).

It is crucial establishing a connection between international political activities and the TLM sphere as well. Specifically, the experts argue that the global trade bonds between the US and EU have to be improved so that to eradicate the tariff barriers and other obstacles that hinder international marketing advance.

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Finally, governmental politics should account for the stipulation of transportation and logistics management theories development. Today, the famous approach to sector handling is systems theory. This doctrine focuses on individual cost management. According to it, the individual trading companies and enterprises have to adopt inter-enterprise strategies, which would target the lowest prices delivering. Besides, one can differentiate the process theory and gaining a visibility approach that underlines the principles of supply chain management. The former doctrine aims at business processing as integration of procurement, demand handling, manufacturing, and logistics fulfillment control. The success of this theory can be guaranteed if the industrial body suggests a practical multi-functional team’s work. Finally, the latter theory refers to information monitoring as a leading operation that is conducted by the establishment. Thus, if the establishment takes up efficient inventory control techniques, they can build successful supply-chain management.


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