Modern Advanced Technologies Usage in the Media


The use of modern advanced technologies in everyday life expands the scope of human opportunities and opens up new perspectives for communication. In particular, the application of mass media gives people almost all over the world access to the most up-to-date information and allows the sharing of the necessary information. At the same time, it is essential to distinguish between traditional and social media since these varieties differ not only in the way they transmit data but also, as a rule, the characteristics of their content.

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This work is aimed at identifying the differences between the two forms of the media and describing the advantages and disadvantages that the personal use of modern means of data exchange opens up for people. The use of both forms of the media implies broad communication possibilities, but an excessive passion for them can hurt lifestyle and even health.

Differences Between Traditional and Social Media

Although traditional and social media are associated with the transfer of information, the difference between them is significant. The first type, as a rule, is standard news data, for instance, newspaper articles, television programs, and other usual forms. The main goal of social media is communication among people, which includes various forms of information transfer. According to Feldman et al. (2016), one of the key criteria determining people’s commitment to a particular type of resource is age.

The older generation prefers to receive information traditionally, and young people spend much free time on social networks where they usually find out all the news that interests them. This distinction has become particularly pronounced in recent years when the development of the Internet has acquired a global scale. Communication has been simplified, and no significant efforts are required to contact one another. Therefore, today, social portals and platforms are the most common type of media.

Peculiarities of the Personal Use of the Media

The personal use of the media expands possibilities greatly and provides a large number of benefits. However, this applies primarily to social rather than traditional networks. For instance, today, news outlets post all the important announcements in the public domain, and Internet users receive them immediately. Another great advantage of using the media in everyday life is an opportunity to be in contact with almost any person, which eliminates the difficulties of interaction.

Although the use of modern networks opens up broad prospects, some negative aspects may arise. Brooks (2015) notes “the addicting and distracting nature of social media,” which manifests itself in the lack of interest of many people in daily activities (p. 26). The users of accounts are sometimes so immersed in virtual communication that it becomes dangerous for their health. It is hardly possible to talk about the need to impose a ban on social networks since such extreme measures are not a solution to the current problem of Internet addiction. Nevertheless, self-control needs to be developed to avoid dependencies and to use modern digital opportunities for their intended purpose.


The opportunities offered by modern media are significant, but some negative aspects may manifest themselves, for instance, addiction on the Internet. Differences between traditional and social media are significant, and age is one of the main factors determining certain preferences. To avoid a threatening health effect, the personal use of the media should be self-controlled, but in general, the benefits of free access to news flows are obvious.

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