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Modern Telecommunications System in Business Setting


In general telecommunication systems are the different ways in which the information is passed from one place to another covering a certain distance. The message passed may be verbal or written. The mode of communication used depends on several factors such as the urgency of the message, the magnitude of the message, contents of the message, the sender and the receiver, the distance, etc (Dean, 2003). Currently, there are different modes of transmission used which include telephone, internet, telegrams, fax machine radio transmission television, computer telephony integration, etc,

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Internet as a telecommunication system

In most working places currently, the most used modes of transferring information are by use of the internet which is an electronic transmission, and the use of the telephone services which has been much essential and applicable for a very long time. To make the telephone services more efficient, its system is integrated with that of the computer (Dean, 2003). All businesses including my working place need to effectively communicate, to handle the fast-growing demands of their near future. The use of emails is preferred by the majority as it’s considered to be fast, convenient, and cheaper compared to other means of communication. More to that it has got some other advantages of being decentralized such that it has some independence; the person using it has the choice to decide which internet to use.

Through email the person sending can look for the right person in an institution to solve his problems. It serves as the most appropriate for the people who tend to be busy throughout the day. When the sender has a limited time to communicate the uses email as it consumes the same time when sending to one receiver or several receivers. In terms of security, if the messages are very confidential use of email in the company becomes a threat especially if the person is given that responsibility is not trained well (Kularatna & Dias, 2004).

The messages through email as well can be sent by mistake. In such cases, the sender decides to use a mobile phone to ensure that the intended message has reached the right person and at the right time. At times, messages passed through emails sometimes are misunderstood. In such cases, the mobile phone is regarded as the best next alternative for passing the information.

Telephone services

When the information to be sent needs a complicated explanation for it to be understood, the sender uses the fax machine or the telephone to give all the details to avoid misunderstandings. In the company, some detailed explanation may be needed in such cases telephone is the preferred means of communication (Viswanathan, 2004).. When the information technology department requires using a powerful and simplified communication, they make use of computer telephony integration. The successful integration of the two is managed through a programming link between the functions of the phone and that of the computer.

Computer telephony integration

When they become linked the collection of the data can now be exchanged and shared among the two systems. This integration allows the users to obtain as much information as possible from the phone system. A call can also be initiated through a personal computer (Viswanathan, 2004).

The computer telephony integration is managed wonderfully through the phone assistant productivity application suite. This software brings together the power of the phone and that of the personal computers resulting in a very effective way of communication. This software targets the three main aspects of business communication through the use of a telephone. These aspects are: free and fully licensed phone assistant for effective productivity at a personal level, phone assistant for managerial and supervisory levels and bundled web for information technology administrable levels.

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In conclusion, for any business either small or established, the use of telecommunication systems is mandatory. This helps in widening the business linkages with other business partners. Communication is done on daily basis in any business either to customers, producers, partners or to other supporting institutions. The most modern telecommunication systems should be adopted in companies to ensure efficiency and increased productivity.

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