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Moral Philosophy in Making Worthwhile Decisions


As a human being, various aspects of life are instrumental when it comes to making worthwhile decision and choices. The world is awash with ideas and trends that influence a person’s capacity to respond and act. It is quite important to have a moral position and standing that puts to question these values and attributes. Essentially, this is the first step towards leading an informed and meaningful life. The place of personal reflection and analysis is critical in human life. Values attached to personal reflection and analysis opens the door to two main decision-making elements. First, you get to appreciate and improve your critical thinking ability. Secondly, you get to know certain things in life. This is a reflective insight into my moral philosophy.

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During moments of reflection, the question that comes to mind is what are my values? Though there are many values at my disposal, I have discovered that only a few resonate with my capacity to exist as a meaningful being. These values are in line with some of the most basic attributes I find endearing in life. At times, it is a challenge to live up to these values. However, having a clear understanding of what you wish to achieve in life gives the right impetus for action. Developing a clear moral philosophy is a major step towards making meaningful and objective choices.

My Philosophy Statement

Living in pursuit of a goal demands an individual to be bold. Boldness is an attribute that enables a person to respond to issues that threaten your values or pose a risk to personal goals and initiatives. To thrive, boldness is a critical value I should preserve. One cannot be bold without having certain convictions about a given issue. It is on this conviction that I hold boldness as a major attribute when it comes to assessing my moral standing in life. Individual development and growth requires a person to show care while handling life issues. In the course of life, I have discovered that for growth to take place certain values and conditions must exist. As such, growth does not occur in a vacuum.

Rather, it exists in the environment and mind that holds great value for care and attention. Being careful enables a person to understand how to handle challenges in life. With boldness, I can avoid going wrong when care accompanies the decision-making process. Every day presents a set of moral questions that come with accompanying challenges. Taking time to pause and reason is of vital importance in all aspects of life especially when you are not sure what approach to take. Indeed, such times demand you to marshal your reasoning capacity. Understanding the presenting moral issues requires a ready and clear thinking approach. Clarity has an instrumental role when evaluating decisions. In this regard, my ability to respond to issues of life has been and should always be governed by seeking a clear-minded approach.

People who lack conscious minds are not capable of making conscious and sound decisions. Even though the subject of how conscious one should be still beckons, my interpretation of consciousness is in response to how we act in a variety of situations. I choose to believe that conscious minds marshal inner values and virtues when taking a position on a certain issue (Rachels & Rachels, 2011). You cannot sufficiently address a subject at hand or a moral issue for example corruption if you lack understanding on what is happening. Effective and productive living is not a consequence that happens. Productive life is a result that culminates from decisive acts of diligence and discipline. Taking deliberate steps in light of presenting pain and challenges is a major component of life. For example, I believe that a meaningful life requires learning to delay gratification and acting objectively towards achieving my long-term vision.

Growing up I discovered that disciplined individuals who made a decision to follow a determined path stand out in the society. Even though I can choose to live in a rather egoistical way, it comes to mind that egoism is an attribute that does not have a place in my personal interests. In this regard, I simply have to make a choice of weighing the presenting interests in a more useful or utilitarian way.

Many people have a need to feel in control. In most cases, being in control gives you perceived freedom to act. It is easy to have such an inclination in life. However, I believe that when making moral decisions, more opinions add value to the nature and quality of conclusions. You cannot operate like this if you have not inculcated trustworthiness as a value (Rachels & Rachels, 2011).

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Trustworthiness makes it easy to operate and navigate in a world that is both demanding and challenging (Rachels & Rachels, 2011). In essence, I believe that working with a team creates a buoyant environment that is encouraging and rewarding. Teamwork achieves more within a shorter duration of time in comparison to individual work. Teamwork exists in an environment that nurtures effectiveness and synergy. In my opinion, having such an understanding is what culminates to leading a productive and optimal life.

Conclusion In the course of life, I have learnt that I cannot thrive without others. Working with others comes with a set of challenges. However, these challenges can be addressed when I opt to be bold and careful enough when making decisions. When faced with moral decisions, our unique natures present a variety of moral interpretations. However, I believe that having a common understanding in the workplace or operating environment is instrumental in addressing major issues that may threaten harmony. Though it is easy to mention than actually getting it done, looking at the people who have made it in life, I believe that this is the way to go in a world that it both exciting and challenging.


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