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The Need for Personal Life Philosophy

Personal Purpose

As humans, everyone needs personal philosophy; otherwise, there will be a risk of wandering in information and making random stimuli, with no impact on individual’s long-term goals. Personal life philosophy offers the overall attitude and vision towards both life and its purpose; therefore, without the essence of philosophy, humans live without direction. As an individual, some of my philosophies are as follows. Life entails solving problems; therefore, a human’s way forward lies in the obstacles he or she encounters. Individuals are also the authors of their own lives; therefore, they have no choice but to make improvements. Everyone, therefore, is shaped behaviorally on their philosophies, which are primarily dependent with life experiences.

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That Which Is the Most Important

Everyone is uniquely created, and thus, what they value as the most important aspects of life is personally relevant. To me, for instance, it is essential to do what brings the best in me. Since human beings will never live forever, the aspects of redeeming time are vital, and therefore everyone should do what makes them succeed given an opportunity. It is essential to question assumptions, as this action gives life-reasoning meaning, and it helps one create own certainty, which can be rewarding. Next, some of the things, which take people far in life, are resilience, commitment, and perseverance.

These aspects lead back to Oliver Mary’s question, which questions what a human will do with their precious and wild life (Oppong, 2018). Therefore, every human being has life-driving forces; and the way, which leads to how those purposes are approached, is essential. Nothing will ever give a person inner peace and wholeness like an understanding of their direction of life.

Being aware and mindful of physical and mental state is vital in guiding thoughts and actions with proper intention. One of the tools, which helped me reach where I am, is embracing mindfulness, which directs the need to look into my inwardness regularly. This helps in ensuring I stay connected to every source of thought and action. If there are needs, it becomes easier to guide them to a more considerable intent. This is one way which allows for full commitment to personal acts. It is achievable to avoid missteps in decision-making, hence remaining focused on actual purpose in almost all conversations and other aspects of life. Being aware and conscious of individual mental and physical states help improve human thinking.

What I Value

Driven by personality sagacity, I value leaving this world and my residential area a better place than I found it. As a result, I strive to look for every opportunity where I can utilize and unleash small effort but make a significant impact on others or me. I strive to leave this world well catered for, to support the coming generation; thus, being mindful of others is my passion. Further, no one wishes to live a wasteful life; therefore, if given a small amount of time and resources or even efforts should largely contribute to the environment’s welfare. Efforts, which give ripple effect, are a priority in my life, as such offers the best to every man in life. Life should be transformed by utilizing available time and resources in transforming other people’s lives where necessary.

What I Believe In

I believe in learning through actively engaging in actions which are relevant. A core belief to my life’s success has been to learn through deeds, which requires figuring out what is the best for life and then start building on the issues which reflect learning process. Colleagues are a good source of information, considering we all benefit from what we uniquely have in terms of knowledge. Instead of depending on hired skills, getting more practical with such minds help empower my cause of action. Therefore, it is agreeable to be sure of the fact; learning is the best way to support independence in giving the best to this generation.

Where the Values and Beliefs Come From

It is obvious no one is born with values or beliefs which shape their way of thinking. Everything is learned, and this is what creates someone’s behavior. In most cases, human beliefs are hereditary, where they are passed from one person to another through ancestral family lineage. Some of my beliefs, therefore, are replicative of what my family has offered. However, some values are connected to the great thinkers of the world, who were able to share their perception of life with others. In admittance, I have gone through various life experiences while learning to have morals and virtues required in my society.

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Learning to interact with others, condoning with their behaviors, and learning how to appreciate their efforts towards me, have helped me appreciate the best way I should live. This experience has shaped me to view the world more positively. Not that everything I engage in will give me the best, but the challenges of coping with life has taught me to view the world confidently.

In conclusion, personal philosophy is essential in ensuring an individual has pertinent information regarding life. For me, having personal philosophy has helped me embrace my overall attitude and vision towards both life and the purpose of it. This has made me value the world, hence working to ensure I live in a better place than I found it. Therefore, I believe in learning by action, as this is more effective, considering no one is born with already set beliefs and values.

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