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Nationalism: Spanish Civil War


The Spanish Civil War in 1936-1939 was the confrontation of two warring forces – the Republican Popular Front and nationalists supported by the Nazi countries of Europe. Regarding its outcome, the dictatorship of the new regime was established. The role of nationalism was significant, and in the context of the ultimate goal, the rebels managed to use this movement with benefit.

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The Role of Nationalism in the War

Nationalist rebels did everything possible to achieve the desired results and overthrow the republican government. According to Esdaile [1], these sentiments flourished in the country before the outbreak of World War I. With the establishment of a fascist regime in Europe under the leadership of Hitler and Mussolini, rebels received the necessary support. As a result, the Republicans were defeated, and a new order formed in the country.

Nationalist views played a positive role in the victory over the Popular Front. Due to the fact that the rebel armies had sufficient support in the south of the country, Republican forces could not cover the entire territory of Spain. As a result, the actions of the Allies did not bring the desired effect, and nationalists managed to overthrow the government.

The establishment of the new order based on racial and territorial dominance led to global changes. Esdaile [1] notes that anarchism did not reign, and support from European Nazi countries contributed to the effective reorganization of the power structure. Only after the overthrow of fascism, the country managed to regain independence.


In the Spanish Civil War, nationalism played a significant role. Rebels made the transition to the new regime, and support from the Nazi allies contributed to this. In the context of achieving the ultimate goal, the use of the movement for racial and territorial dominance brought positive outcomes for insurgents.


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