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New Form of Delivering the News in the Media

Delivering the news in the media is considered as the notion, which has changed its priorities, as world development requires new approaches to the sphere of media news release. ABC is the most trusted online source of information in Australia, and the requirements to the journalists/employees and employers are on the highest level.

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ABC Australia, as any other respected source of information, has strict requirements and perspectives for their employees. Building capability, training, increase efficiency, and empowerment with values and standards are the main perspectives for employees in ABC Australia (ABC: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008). These requirements are argumentative and valued. The news in the modern world is mostly shocking ad only experienced and constructively thinking people may be able to cope with the demands, required by society.

Considering the employer’s board, employer perspectives must interrelate to employee ones. The employers are required to obtain managerial and journalist skills, be free and independent in expressing their voice, as there is no respected news without independence. The desire for the individual career progression should be present in the employer of ABC, as only in this case the work will be productive and effective. Moreover, the existence of the old and new journalists in the corporation makes it possible to provide different views on the news delivery (ABC: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008).

The difference between old journalists and new journalist is significant, as the differences in understanding journalism in general have changed. The old journalism representatives were mostly the comers out of fiction writing, and the style of their writing was different, the most important facts were tried to be covered. New journalism has the narrative nature, as the society is interested not only in facts, but also in “subjective and emotional life of the characters” (Richards, 2005, p. 25) of the event. The morale of the new journalists is higher as the responsibility for the mistake may result in not only the work loss, but also the reputation damage (Grundy, 2007, p. 231).

Considering the relations between employer and employee, it has been proved that these relations should be reliable and trustful, if the effective results are wanted to be achieved (DeNisi, 2008, p. 246). The employee should have a personal interest, in this case the work will be provided with the better result and with the higher opportunities (Gollan, 2002, p. 10). The organization’s task is to align the relations between employers and employees to avoid some misunderstanding and create the successful environment in the working place and this function in Australia is provided by the Additional forms of employee representation (AFER) (Gollan, 2002, p. 10).

Providing the successful environment in the workplace in the ABC Australia, great deal of work has been provided. Remaining a human being and creating the imaginative work tasks for employees is one of the main responsibilities of a good manager in every sphere of work, especially in the journalism sphere.

In conclusion, the journalism in Australia is flourishing and ABC Australia is one of the trusted sources of information, which tries to satisfy both employees and employers with the aim to provide the interesting and exciting news. The old and new journalism tactics are different, as the new one requires more narration than facts, as old one is more inclinable to the facts, that is why the interconnection of these both schools is so important.

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