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New Millennium: Psychology and Health Problems

The psychology of a man is closely related to the health conditions them. In this respect, scholars point out that human being’s psychology is a mechanism that can make a madman’s well-being better or worse depending on how a human programming his/her consciousness. Looking back at previous years’ experience, there appeared various trendy movements in the making, for example, body and the whole appearance of women suitable according to the ideal parameters 90-60-90. Another example can be derived from the extent of peoples preferences and beliefs which are closely connected to the sphere of mind and its constituent part, as sub-consciousness. In this respect even Sigmund Freud investigated the reflection of psychological factors on the health of people. Contemporary science went beyond only assumptions about “”psychology-health”” approach. The paper urges to estimate the relation between the psychology of a man and its reflection on the health. It is right to think that a man is what he thinks about himself/herself, and such tendency of psychological approach can straightforwardly be projected on the health dimension of a man.

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First of all, it is necessary to point out that contemporary world treads in the steps of progress. It is remarkable that with the invention of high technologies and information systems in major spheres of human being’sbeing’s life the needs of people transformed in new dimensions. Different fields of activities in large and leading companies urged to have more points on health protection within collaboration and knowledge management. In this prospect, there are many variables which can influence on people’speople’s well-being negatively. Before making conclusions about certain factors of a disease one should point out that the multitude of reasons may be concerned with illnesses. Therapists try not to make haste about the diagnosis which can then outline the roots of an illness. In this case medics use the multifactorial model to define the real background of a disease. In other words, in accordance with the multifactorial model, it is quite reliable and easy to work out the diagnosis due to the schedule of probability of this or that illness. It is considered also with the physiological peculiarities of a man and social conditions in which he/she lives. For example, among factors of this very model, there are such ones as: biological, social, psychological etc. When examining biological factors, a therapist may find a high rate of sugar or cholesterol in the blood of a patient. While searching for more points to better evaluate the framework and history of an illness medics also look at the conditions in which a man lived previously. It may happen that a patient lived in insufficient sanitary arrangements. Psychological approach may display due to different tests and methodologies a picture of predominant states of consciousness and temperamental characteristics. Furthermore, disorders with a man’sman’s psyche in the past may be predicted in the future. It is necessary to know for a therapist or medic, so that not to provide improper in this respect therapy. Thus within the main factors influencing on peoples’peoples’ health are: biological, sociocultural, environmental factors along with points on personality, behavior, and stressors (Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment in the New Millennium, 2008).

Modern world is rich in new tendencies or innovative touches regarding to the health affairs and social appreciation in the society. In other words, people want to be pleased by the best ones, especially in the case with women. Some try different diets or provide surgery for this reason. The thing is that in pursuit of beauty they forget about moral complications which then can be reflected in the state of health. Depression may emerge, as a result. Its effects are felt in total disregard of people from life values. People begin thinking that they are meaningless. In case with women they may still think that with two odd kilos they are useless for the society and for men, in particular. Due to such negative attitudes, the beginnings of anorexia nervosa may appear and cause total undernourishment of body and even death. Depression is a difficult psychological complication with a wide scope of physical hardships, which can make a man suffer or even terminate his life. Nevid and Rathus (2005) outline depression as “”a period marked by at least five symptoms of depression and lasting for two weeks or more”” (197). Among these symptoms are: cognitive, motivational, behavioral, and emotional (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). In this discourse the motivational approach is very significant due to its possibility to make a man commit suicide apart from just physical sufferings.

It is proved, however, that constant stresses can make people fatter or thinner regarding to the peculiarities of organism reactions on physiological parameters concerned with the neurohumoral system of a man. The evaluation of events emerging in a man’sman’s life from their positive or, mainly, negative sides can make people nervous or more impulsive. These states of psyche may then be supported with the appearance of bad habits: smoking, drinking, unhealthy diet or even refusal from eating. Jeffrey S. Nevid (2008) promotes a scope of sufferings caused by stresses and improper attitude toward health due to some psychological disorders as of behavioral dimension of people. Thus, behavioral risk factors projected on health complications include:

Coronary heart disease: smoking, unhealthy diet, inactivity, hostility and Chronic Negative Emotions;

Cancer: smoking, high-fat diet, excessive sun exposure;

Stress implicated in Other Health Conditions: asthma, ulcers, headaches (Nevid, 2008, p. 475).

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Though, hypertension is another disease which may achieve a perpetual character in a man’sman’s body due to constant loadings on the sphere of a person’sperson’s psyche. Moreover, psychology can also explain the reasons for hypertension through the ethnicity characteristics. Hence, African Americans, notwithstanding Europeans, have higher blood pressure (Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment in the New Millennium, 2008). Though, it is that measure according to the ethnical belonging of a person which can be derived from psychological along with physiological outlook on peculiarities about state of health. What is more, heart attacks and diseases concerning heart-vascular system are frequent among African Americans. Furthermore, this layer of the American society has one of the highest data of HIV/AIDS. In this respect, health psychology should provide patients and ordinary people to maintain right attitudes and behaviors toward people suffering from serious diseases.

To sum up, the relation between psychology and health is straightforward due to the fact that people are grouped in the society and always communicate. In this respect some negative factors can be erected. Stresses and depression are major foes of busy and captured by their appearance people. The need for better relaxation and more positive emotions or even an optimistic outlook on the life is vital for today’stoday’s human beings.


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