New Technologies in Nursing and Ethical Issues

The modern healthcare sector is impacted by the development of technologies greatly. The appearance of the new approaches and practices resulted in the significant improvement of the efficiency of all healthcare professionals and introduced numerous possibilities for their personal and professional growth. Additionally, the adherence to the new practices helps to cope with numerous emergent situations and improve the level of performance.

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The usage of the new and efficient tool result in the significant improvement of the image and quality of a certain specialist (De Veer, Fleuren, Bekkema, & Francke, 2011). In these regards, it is crucial to be able to use these new approaches and improve the comprehending of the peculiarities of the modern healthcare environment.

Nevertheless, while using technological advances and specialized equipment in their functioning, nurses obviously accept their outstanding practical utility and efficiency. At the same time, they also realize the great responsibility which appears because of the adherence to the new innovational practices which might seem unclear to numerous patients. Speaking about the given issue, it is crucial to underline the potential liability of the usage of new tools as a specialist should be ready to face the new challenges and implement the new technologies in the most efficient way (Huston, 2013). At the same time, one should not omit the significant quality improvement conditioned by the usage of these new tools.

The fact is that nowadays healthcare professionals have numerous opportunities to treat patients in different ways. These opportunities result from the implementation of the innovational practices. In this regard, the application and usage of the new approaches could be considered the major modern concern that impacts the development of the whole sector and promotes the professional development of nurses.

The work in the healthcare sector implies numerous ethical challenges which appear in the course of its functioning. The fact is that the nature of the work of nurse conditions the close cooperation between specialists and patients. Moreover, very often people might suffer from numerous diseases and complications that give rise to some significant concerns related to the ethical side of human relations.

The situation is even more complex when people suffer from some serious illnesses. If to speak about acute care setting, numerous ethical dilemmas should be highlighted. First, people who find themselves in this very setting are very often helpless as they are gravely ill. Numerous complications might result in the deterioration of the patient’s image and even appearance (Chow, 2014). Moreover, a specialist should also realize the possible changes in the behavior impacted by the complicated state of a patient. Under these conditions, a professional nurse should demonstrate the great level of understanding and skills needed to face the given challenge and guarantee the patients speedy recovery.

It is crucial to provide the psychological support to people who pass through the recovery stage and emphasize the positive aspects of the recovery process. Moreover, a nurse should also be ready to demonstrate the great level of professional skills as the state of these patients might change in a moment (Ulrich et al., 2010). For these reasons, I am sure that a nurse should align his/her the further professional development to be ready to face the majority of challenges. Finally, a specialist should provide support to guarantee the creation of the positive atmosphere that will condition the improvement of the patients state and his/her recovery.

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