Social Media Platforms and the Nature of Healthcare

Articles Discussion

The first article explains how tutors can create videos for different nursing courses. The practice can address multiple needs in the learning process. Videos can be used for pretest studying and pre-class listening (Bristol, 2011). The video can act as a tutor for the learners. Faculties can use videos to build variety. The approach can ensure the students focus mainly on every important content. The videos should be planned and presented effectively to meet the students’ needs.

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Web-based simulation is known to “combine electronic multimedia options with a central video” (Cant & Cooper, 2014, p. 1435). The second article indicates that simulation creates a virtual world that can promote interactive learning ideas and activities. The targeted learners can use the simulations to acquire new ideas and concepts. Students can use game-based programs and complete specific roles. These videos can result in increased satisfaction and accessibility. The learners can use such simulations to acquire new concepts and knowledge.

The third article explains how YouTube can be “used in education to provide an easy, innovative, and user-friendly way to engage today’s nursing students” (Sharoff, 2011, p. 11). The article encourages NEs to use different YouTube videos whenever providing personalized instructions to targeted learners. The presentations can be designed and used at every level of learning. YouTube makes it easier for educationists to network and address the learning needs of their students. Students should be encouraged to use YouTube at any level of the targeted nursing course. The approach will support the use of social media platforms to reshape the nature of healthcare.

Types of Learning Materials

Learning materials are used to deliver the best instructions and ideas to the targeted learners. The major learning materials relevant to the targeted student population include online databases, YouTube videos, journal articles, books, and PowerPoint presentations. Before attending the nursing course, the learners will have to complete several units such as Computer Applications and English Composition. These prerequisite courses will ensure the learners complete the learning unit successfully (Carr-Chellman, 2016). During the course, the three major learning materials to be used include YouTube videos, online databases, and PowerPoint presentations. The learners will be encouraged and guided to the use of these learning materials effectively. The strategy will ensure the learning process is successful.

A powerful concept map will be used to identify each of the selected preparatory. The diagram below shows how each learning material will be applied to the targeted learning unit. The preparatory approach will ensure the students will benefit from the learning process (Lowery, 2014). It will also be necessary to ensure the learning materials and products are available to the targeted learners. Maximum coordination will be embraced to ensure the learning process delivers the most desirable results.

Concept Map.
Fig 1: Concept Map.

Educational Technologies Used in Nursing Education

Educational technologies can be used to support the diverse needs of different learners. The three major technologies that would be beneficial to my practicum include computer simulations, online databases, and PowerPoint presentations. To begin with, computer simulations have been used widely to analyze different scenarios in healthcare practice. Such simulations are computer-generated thereby making it easier for learners to engage in critical thinking (Carr-Chellman, 2016). The simulations will present new skills and competencies in an attempt to improve the quality of nursing care.

Online databases are useful because they provide a wide range of evidence-based concepts. These databases are updated periodically depending on new research findings. Such databases will ensure more learners acquire new concepts and terminologies that can transform the nature of the nursing practice. PowerPoint presentations are useful whenever delivering personalized instructions to targeted learners.

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The technology will equip more learners with new ideas while at the same time improving the leaning process (Lowery, 2014). The PowerPoint slides can be printed as handouts thus making it easier for the learners to acquire new ideas. However, other technologies will be considered to make the learning process successful. Such technologies will maximize the outcomes of the learners throughout the practicum.

The Importance of Distance Learning

Distance learning has emerged as a new opportunity for individuals pursuing different courses. For example, the option is preferred by many students pursuing their Master’s Degrees in Nursing Education. Distance learning is relevant because it allows more people to gain new competencies and accreditations that would have been impossible. People from different locations can access quality education from institutions in other continents (Lowery, 2014). This practice has been necessitated by modern technological developments.

The tutor has the potential to deliver personalized instructions to more students in different parts of the world. The issue of nursing shortage has been transformed by distance learning. This is true because more nurses can pursue their academic goals while at the same time providing quality care to patients with diverse needs. The internet is making it easier for more learners to access quality education (Mee, 2014).

Distance learning has numerous benefits for learners and tutors. The process ensures the targeted learners acquire instructions and contents that satisfy their professional needs (Carr-Chellman, 2016). It will, therefore, be appropriate for students to allocate enough time whenever they choose to pursue their academic goals through distance learning. The process will equip more people with better skills that can support the needs of many underserved populations.


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