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New York’s Public Administration Agenda

The city selected for this assignment is the city of New York. The city comprises five boroughs that lie at the mouth of the Hudson River at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. They include Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island (The five boroughs of New York City, 2021). Its geographical position has attracted many people; thus, its population has been increasing over time. In the latest census, the city has recorded a population of eight million persons. However, the populations comprise people with different diversities considering it is an international harbor for different economic institutions and international governments. Therefore, New York is a busy city affected by both local and international traffics.

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The city has major projects underway most of them involving building and construction. It focused most of these buildings on residential homes and office spaces. However, the city government has focused on reestablishing transportation lines such as roads directed towards the central business district. The city has been restructuring the subway to improve transportation. However, the upgrade of major international transportation stops such as the Hudson Airport and the docks are major projects underway. The city is involved in different real estate businesses, focusing on improving the affordability of houses among low-class persons.

The agenda selected was the rehabilitation of recreational centers that make up the abandoned media labs, nature centers, and playgrounds. It is a pity that most of the projects that the City has projected are bound to benefit the local population directly. However, some necessities portray New York as a home and heritage of its people. I picked this agenda considering the diversity experienced in the city, there is an urge of people to have a commonplace in which they can interact and understand their differences. It is to this effect the agenda has a long-term benefit in reestablishing the culture of the city.

The key players of this agenda item are the departments and agencies within New York City’s administration. They bound these departments to cooperate in harmony to fulfill this agenda. The Department of Parks and Recreation will spearhead the plan, which will coordinate the other departments involved. The Department of City Planning will check the viability of the agenda with help from the department of finance and the department of management and planning. However, the Department of Design and Construction will be responsible for the site plans with the consultancy of the department of buildings. However, the Department of Cultural Affairs and youth community development will be responsible for public mobilization patronized by the mayor’s office of special projects and community events.

The abandoned recreational points run by the city council were initially meant to improve cultural interaction through sports, talent improvement, and team building. However, since they were abandoned, there has been a negative impact on the community at the expense of budget cuts to support other agendas involving the city. These places were a place that created employment opportunities (Bryson & George, 2020). The most affected persons were the youth who relied a lot on these facilities to express their talents in sports and arts.

The project that with the execution of this agenda; there would be an increased level of social interaction through sports and arts. The target groups range from children to adults, assuming that these public areas of expression are a perfect place for community-based activities, retreats, picnics, and team buildups (Shafritz et al., 2017). However, centers like media labs and nature places can be used for educational purposes in academic tours or as tourist destinations for compatriots and foreigners.

There are developing issues affecting the public administration of New York City. Therefore, it is felt that the agenda was a public administration issue in multidimensional aspects. They undermine the city of New York administration with unemployment in public administration. With the revival of these recreational centers, there would be the creation of employment whereby these places would require people to manage and maintain them at a fee. This would engage various professionalisms such as engineering, community resource management, and artisans at the tertiary level (Bryson & George, 2020). However, there would be an increase in living standards manifested by the benefactors of these employment posts.

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The city of New York is facing the issues of criminal activities that involve violation of human rights. The agenda would address the crime issue by targeting the youths and the employed. Recreational centers are instrumental tools that would enable the youths to take part in creative activities and sports, thus preventing them from engaging in delinquent activities (Shafritz et al., 2017). They can improve their skills within these recreational centers and make a living out of them. This comes in line with the current administration’s long-term goal of orienting youth involvement in fighting crime. The New York City board finally allowed the rehabilitation of recreational centers within its domain. This is pleasant news to the citizens living in New York City since it is a beneficial agenda to them. Therefore, it is to the public interest and satisfaction that the board approves the agenda to be executed with swift and immediate effect.


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