Nine West Company Competitors Overview


The main competitors of Nine West are Etienne Aigner, Inc. Brown Shoe Company, Inc.; Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.; Candies, Inc.; Maxwell Shoe Company Inc. Thus, the paper will be centered only on three of them which have an impact on the company’s sales and market position.

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Brown Shoe Company

Brown Shoe Company, Inc operates more than 1000 stores. Its target customer in the middle and upper-middle-class consumer who values low price and high quality. The majority of the customers are repeat purchasers. They value the brand and unique design of footwear. The channel consists of wholesale and retail sales. Similar to Nine West, it operates through department stores but owns several brands including Naturalizer stores. The merchandise mix is similar to Nine West: women’s fashion shoes. As well as Nine West, the company is both a marketer and supplier (Brown Shoe Company, 2007). Unique product offering consists of the latest fashion trends designed in Italy, New York, and St. Louis. The purpose of the company is to propose to consumers the latest trends at the right time’ (Brown Shoe Company, 2007). In contrast to None West, they do not pay attention to accessories focusing on women’s shoes and handbags. The price level for boots is from $99 up to $399. For shoes is from 59$ – %199. For handbags is about $69- $99%. The website allows consumers to view all brands and categories of merchandise. Also, the company includes general information about its policies and social responsibilities, history, and future strategies (Brown Shoe Company, 2007) (see Appendix Picture 1).

Kenneth Cole Productions

Kenneth Cole Productions is oriented toward upper and middle-class consumers. The channel consists of wholesale and retail sales. The company proposes designer handbags and shoes, clothes, and accessories. In contrast to Nine West, it markets women’s, men’s, and kids’ assortment. The uniqueness of the product offering is that the company proposes unique trends and designer items. Kenneth Cole, the founder, and designer of the company creates unique styles and trends appealing to ‘sophisticated, urban man and woman” (Kenneth Cole Productions, 2007). In contrast to Nine West, the price level is higher. For women’s boots, the price is $195 – $299, for women’s shoes $79 -$299; for handbags is $48-$168. The website is well designed and is easy to navigate: potential consumers can view the latest trends and shop online (see Appendix Picture 2).

Maxwell Shoe Company

Maxwell Shoe Company Inc targets low and middle-class consumers. In contrast to Nine West, it sells both women’s and children’s footwear. The company develops and markets multiple brands including Mootsies Tootsies, Sam & Libby, and Dockers Footwear. The channel consists of wholesale and department stores. The merchandize mix consists of women and children’s footwear and dress wear: boots, shoes, handbags, accessories, coats, and dresses, etc. The brand image of the company is quality and trendy products (Maxwell Shoe Company, 2007). In contrast to Nine West, the price is lower: for women, shoes are about $24-$99, for boots – $49-$99, for handbags – $19-$59. The Maxwell Shoe Company does not have a separate website selling its products under certain brands: Mootsies Tootsies, Sam & Libby, and Dockers Footwear. For instance, the website of Mootsies Tootsies is difficult to navigate. it has a limited number of options. The company sells its brand through other online stores (for instance (see Appendix Picture 3).


For Brown Shoe Company, the best-selling items are trendy boots and handbags from the latest collection. Kenneth Cole Productions best sells women’s flats and wedges and high heels. Maxwell Shoe Company sells well women’s boots proposed as a discount. As the US retailing environment grows, it becomes challenging for many companies to sustain a strong market position and attract customers (Levy and Weitz 76).


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Brown Shoe Company.
Figure 1. Brown Shoe Company.
 Kenneth Cole Productions.
Figure 2.  Kenneth Cole Productions.
Mootsies Tootsies.
Figure 3. Mootsies Tootsies.
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