Real Estate Company’s Information Management


This letter addresses one of the crucial concerns that real estate organizations face in the global market. As a developing company, this firm needs to consider the issue of data management in the real estate setting to develop a competitive advantage. Because of the challenges that the processing of data and forecasting changes in the real estate context involve, a range of companies face a rapidly developing crisis. Therefore, a report that covers essential points concerning the use of innovative Management Information Systems (MISs) for real estate organizations is needed.

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Information Management

The report addresses the concerns and constraints that real estate firms have to face during the implementation of their key objectives and management of customers’ needs. The focus on MISs as the tools that will offer this firm a vast exposure to its target audiences, potential partners, and future investors will be needed (Amannah 41). By incorporating the proposed tools into this company’s functioning and data management framework, one will increase its resilience rates in the highly competitive market and facilitate its future growth.

In addition, integrating the proposed technological innovation into the context of the organization will help to maintain contact with customers and the members of the supply chain management (SCM) process more actively. As a result, buyers will be informed about emerging opportunities and options, whereas SCM activities will be implemented within the set deadline. Thus, the quality of the organization’s performance will rise, making the firm more competitive in the real estate market.


The current approach toward information management makes this organization lose several crucial opportunities in managing data and keeping contact with its stakeholders. Therefore, the incorporation of MISs into its framework will lead to better performance and enhanced SCM activities. For this reason, the proposed system will need to be institutionalized within the corporate setting.

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