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Staff Relocation: The Strategies That Will Ensure the Project Succeeds

The project is intended to relocate the company headquarters from the current position to the new proposed location which is 73 miles away. The new building will have two new departments that will be incorporated into the existing departments.

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In the project, the main area of study is to analyze staff relocation. The report will help the management to solve current space problems for their staff, prepare for the project funding, make necessary adjustments and give the go-ahead for the project development to start.

During the analysis, the organizational staff relocation, problem areas, and the association with external entities must be analyzed in detail. It will help the company to save on costs in terms of rent.


The project aims is to relocate staff members of the company from the current office to a place which is far away from the head office. The oil and gas company is currently housed in a building of 90,000 sq feet area with space for parking and has three floors. The company intends to move seventy miles away from the current office with good facilities which will include meeting conference storage and canteen. However the new building will not have enough parking space and has limited public transport. It is feared that some employees may decide to move away from the company causing staff turnover. This paper intends to come up with strategies that will ensure the project succeeds without employees relocating to other companies as well as ensuring that the company maintains the current staff members.

The new building will have six floors and each floor will have different categories of employees and these employees are required to fit in the area as we will change one floor to act as parking.

Project objectives

The main objectives of the project are to relocate to the new building without losing the current crop of employees. The company will also hire new staff members therefore the building is intended to house new employees to the new place. Another objective will be to ensure the new building is purchased and fully owned by the company. Then the owners of the current building will be notified of the new move which will lead to the termination of the existing company and the building owners. We shall also notify all employees, shareholders’ customers of the move. We shall also get involved in restructuring the new office by ensuring proper furniture and equipment is purchased and fully furnished in the office to be ready to accommodate all employees. The communication equipment will also be installed under our watch. Lastly we shall also educate employees and ensure that they are involved in the move of the project. This project intends to be completed by 31st January 2009.

Project deliverables

There are several deliverables that this project intends to achieve. This includes restructuring the current building to put it into the position it was before we had rented them. The other deliverable is to ensure there will be a full information technology infrastructure in the new building to accommodate the information technology department that will be created. We shall ensure that the office shall run a parallel head office for six months to direct some customers to the new building.

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Main considerations

The main considerations that will be considered before moving are the pride of employees who will not be willing to move to the new building and the main is to advise what benefit they will get from the movie. The furniture required the funds available and the impact of terminating the contract with the old building owner.


The assumptions for this project will include that

  • The board of directors has approved the move of relocating employees.
  • There is enough funding to acquire the new building
  • The building plans for the new place are available for our study
  • There will be no staff resistance to delay the project
  • The new building is capable of sustaining the business of the company
  • At least seventy percent of the employees will be willing to relocate to the new location
  • That the government will give us all legal documents required to do business in the area.

Project constraints

  • The project constraints will include
  • lack of enough funding to relocate including relocating employees
  • It will also include a lack of enough time to relocate to the new place
  • The company may lose business during the time of moving
  • Employees may resist the move

Critical success factors

  • Available of funds
  • Exclusive right to stay in the new building
  • Acceptable by the staff
  • Customer and staff considerations to
  • Bringing new ideas to keep them ahead of the competition.

Measurable targets

The new location will require the following inputs:

  • Project Initiation Document
  • Business case
  • Terms of reference
  • Project boundaries
  • Project management

The location will in turn produce the following outputs:

  • Office partitions
  • Installation of communication equipment
  • User procedure specifications
  • Relocation of staff

Resource requirements

The project will require huge financial outlay and support of staff.


In Microsoft project

Communication and risk plan

Communication Frequency Format/delivery Audience Sender
Project charter Once PDF/Email Project manager & project team Project sponsor
Initial notice of move and any employment related changes Once, and then as needed PDF/Emails and home mailings Employees & family of employees Human resources via president
Monthly progress reports (MPR) Monthly PDF/Email Project sponsor Project manager
Status reports Bi-weekly Ms word/email Project sponsor Project team members
Termination of lease Once PDF/mail (UPS) Current landlord COO/CFO
Scope statement and work breakdown structure Once PDF/Email Project sponsor Project manager
Notification of move Once PDF/Email and USPS mailings Current clients President
Project plan status and changes Weekly PDF/Email Project team, vendors, contractors movers etc Project manager
Approved change requests As needed PDF/Email Project team Project manager
Project team meeting agendas and minutes Weekly Ms word/email Project team Project manager

Changeover and transition (Implementation).

This is the process of changing over from the current location to the new proposed location. The implementation of the project will be done in phases where by the location is implemented into the organization in phases while the location is still in operation. It starts with one phase before moving to the next until it’s successfully implemented.

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This method was appropriate because of the following reasons:

  • There is less interruption of the company normal operations during the implementation of the place.
  • It is cheaper because it will not require extra staff in its implementation.
  • It is less risky to implement

Challenges Faced During The Project Life

No matter how much I tried to relocate effectively and efficiently, there were setbacks worth mentioning that I encountered during my project development:

  • Inadequate time for project development from initial stages to the completion.
  • Some of the specifications were not clear and ambiguous therefore hard to come up with a clear specification of the requirements.
  • I faced the problem of financial resources as I had limited sources of income and had to depend only on one source i.e. family which proved to be inadequate for developing the whole system.

Mitigations of the Challenges Encountered

From the above challenges faced, I had to develop a way of overcoming them to ensure that my project comes to a realization. The following are the decisions and actions I took to counteract the challenges:

  • Carrying out extensive information gathering through a variety of ways to ensure that I got the various information and views from all the stakeholders to ensure I come up with a clear specifications.
  • Asking for support from various sources that could assist me financially


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