Note-Taking Styles of College Students

There is a variety of note-taking styles, out of which every learner can pick the most suitable one. The overall aim of the note-taking process is to grasp the main ideas of what one hears so that one could restore the information later. Structuring one’s writing may be enhanced via an outline, charts, mind maps, or bullet points. The outline helps to arrange data according to the level of their significance.

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Thus, a student may use Roman or Arabic numbers and small or capital letters to create several levels of the outline. By using this approach, one can easily see the major topics, as well as identify their constituents. Creating a chart is a visual approach to note-taking that does not require much writing. At the same time, information arranged in columns and rows enhances the understanding of the subject by organising the aspects of the topic and indicating relationships between the elements. The use of mind maps is another visual method of note-taking that allows for creativity and classification.

One can use boxes, bubbles, or any other indicators to signal connections between the pieces of information, topics, and subtopics. Bullet points are utilised to make brief lists of notes about the topic. This method seems to be the most useful since it allows making quick and prompt notes containing the crucial aspects of the topic. Each student can favour a different note-taking style, but one thing is common for all of them: they considerably enhance the process of remembering and revising the data.

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