Personal Future Career Goal

I would like to work as a human resources manager in a medium-to-large-sized organization (one with 100 to 1000 employees). The position would enable me to leverage my leadership and communication competencies as well as my abilities to plan and allocate resources, all of which are necessary for the job (Nixon, 2019). With that said, I do not want to work for a large company because of the associated stress and overall difficulty. I would prefer to be able to settle down and start a family instead of devoting all of my time to career advancement.

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I would like to receive a salary of $60,000 or more after I reach my destination position. As Sharma (2016) describes, human resource managers handle a broad range of responsibilities, often with a small team unless the company is large. As such, the position warrants a substantial salary to compensate for the difficulty. Moreover, I will need a significant income to support my family, and this sum would enable me to take care of them. I would like a higher salary and will try to achieve it if possible, but not at the expense of my personal life.

Currently, I do not have a family, and therefore, I am open to moving. I am prepared to take a job anywhere within the United States, but I would prefer not to leave the country. However, I expect to become less mobile as my career progresses, whether because I have bought property locally or started a family. A medium-sized firm is less likely to require me to move, which is part of the motivation for my choice. Concerning the schedule, I would prefer to adhere to a traditional 9 to 5 paradigm. There is no significant reason to deviate from the approach, which is widely used across the world.


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