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Nurse Assistance in Correcting Dysfunctional Family Communication

Communication in the family contributes significantly to the health of every member of the family. There is the sender, who gives the information, and the receiver of the message. When there are communications obstacles the communication patterns are altered. The patterns of communication should be corrected especially when roles change in the family cause friction. In such cases, the family nurse offers assistance by giving care and advice to the family.

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Dysfunctional family communication patterns make the family unhappy. The family members engage in an excessive argument whenever there are different ideas and dissimilar beliefs. The excessive argument is a result of power struggles within the family. Every individual defends his/ her idea and belief. These arguments do not yield any solution. Both individuals who are involved suffer emotionally. Thus, the views of all members of the family are not considered (Fenell, 2011, Para 1)

Outright criticism in a family is unhealthy. Criticism can be beneficial if the person criticizing does it with care not to hurt the other. Criticism is meant to correct one to improve on a certain aspect. However, when a member of the family criticizes harshly without moderation, this makes it impossible for the criticism to be helpful. Parents criticize children and each other so that circumstances change for the better.

Parents and guardians play a role in guiding the children to make the right choices in their lives. Occasionally, parents exceed guiding and merely control the children. This control is at times not welcome and children resist it. When children grow up, they expect that parents will let them make decisions on their own. In other cases, when children become adults, they lack confidence in their decision-making.

These attributes of a dysfunctional family can be reversed and reduced for all family members to become healthy. Families that engage in arguments can learn to resolve their differences through dialogue. The family members can learn to listen and recognize the differences in beliefs. A family that tolerates different ideas and viewpoints becomes happy. Before making a decision, the input of every member of the family must be considered.

Listening is very important in the family. Family members can listen carefully and encourage the speaker by being interested. They can give contribute to an indication that the message is understood. This will make the communication process complete as the sender will get to know the receiver of the message got the message (Friedman, Bowden & Jones, 2011, pp. 10-13).

The family members can identify conflict patterns and learn to fight fair. Fighting fair involves avoiding accusing words and avoiding physical and verbal abuse at all costs. Relationships are mutual and members of the family can learn to negotiate and make decisions without causing unnecessary tension.

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Parents can learn how to guide children in decision-making rather than control them, especially in adulthood. In addition, children carry on communication patterns in their future homes.

According to Litta (2004, Para 2) Illnesses can cause changes in the roles of family members in the family. Another member of the family can perform responsibilities of the patient. For instance, a parent may play additional roles and perform tasks that were earlier performed by the other parent. Additionally, they may take care of the spouse by giving personal care that includes bathing the patient. Consequently, the spouse may end up being overworked. In this situation, an intimate relationship may not be possible to maintain. The spouse becomes resentful and becomes angry because circumstances force them to perform multiple roles.

Children can experience stress because of changing roles. When the parent has many tasks to perform, the children give support to the family by doing household chores. Once a child is deprived of his or her childhood to take care of the sick parent, they become stressed. In other situations, as Kellon (2009, Para 1) children who had become self-reliant and are forced by circumstances to return to their parents’ home feel uncomfortable.

Changing roles can lead to separation and divorce. When the patient sickness advances and more resources are required, a couple can divorce. The unpredictable nature of illness can cause a partner to have constraints and anxiety. If the partner views the new roles as an obstacle, then they can consider divorce or separation (Litta, 2004 Para, 7).

A spouse who has changing responsibilities may delegate the task of taking care of the patient to a family nurse. The nurse will assist by giving a hand in bathing the patient and other such things. The nurse encourages the couple to discuss the changing roles so that their lifestyle remains strong (Fenell, 2011, Para 1).

As Litta (2004, Para 4) argues, children should not be deprived of their childhood liberty. Other alternatives such as the help of a family nurse can also be considered. If a child returns to her parents, there must be communication so that all their needs are met.

The family nurse services in a family are vital. The nurse can help in carrying out the roles in a family during the sickness of one member of the family. In addition, they can communicate to avoid misunderstandings.

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