Nurse Manager Position: Recruitment Process

The paper overviews the recruitment experience, which concerned the application for the position of a nurse manager. Primarily, it is critical to assess the essential duties of the corresponding specialist as well as the fundamental skills and competences that refer to the job type. The position of a nurse manager presupposes delivering medical care by coordinating the subordinate nurses. The work integrates a range of tasks, the primary of which refer to recruitment and supervision of the employees’ work, finance, and paperwork overview, and facilitating cross-clinical facilitation and communication between the patients and the hospital employees. Conclusively, the basic knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes (KSAOs) that should be possessed by a nurse manager embrace leadership inclinations, medical experience, high communication and cognitive performance, and perfect material learning perspectives (Nurse manager, 2015).

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The Recruitment Process Analysis

The process of finding a desirable nurse manager position did not take much time since I was attracted to the offer at once. Specifically, the information about the vacancy was delivered to me by my colleagues since my chosen strategy of recruitment search referred to internal selection. Thus, as I worked as a nurse in the hospital and was quite satisfied with the level of the clinical services in it, my aim was getting a new promotional position in the same environment. In the process of recruitment, I applied several search tools such as asking supervisors and checking the data about the available vacancies, in the cross-department conditions, with the help of Internet databases’ surfing (Ten effective job search strategies, 2014). The optimal outcome of position selection was reached with the assistance of personal interviewing since the information was delivered to me by one of the managers. The position attracted me for it disclosed new career prospects and development opportunities for me as well as offered some financial bonuses.

The Characteristics of the Hiring Procedures

Despite my general work performance, as well as my knowledge of a nursing material, was known to the hiring company, the assessment of my job skills was quite complicated, which can be explained by the increased level of job responsibility. Mainly, the recruitment organization applied a multiple regression approach to evaluating my competences. The advantages of the strategy refer to the fact that it allows verifying one’s performance on different levels (Edenborough, 2007). For instance, my suitability was assessed with the help of a cognitive, professional, and ethical testing, in one step.

The Assessment of the Recruitment Decision

After the assessment, the recruitment team offered a position to me since the results of the testing corresponded with the expectations of the organization. The offer was accepted by me for several reasons. Primarily, it fueled my professional aspirations and gave me the opportunity to represent my skills not only as a good nurse but as a professional leader as well. Moreover, the new position provided the improvement of my financial standing. Finally, the experience, which can be gained by working as a nurse manager opens up numerous career prospects that might be used in future recruitments.

The Evaluation of the Recruitment Validity

In my opinion, the use of a multiple regression approach to recruitment process offers a fair candidate search solution. In the analyzed case, the assessment helped the employers to evaluate personal suitability to the position in the correspondence with the key duties and position responsibilities. Conclusively, I recommend the employment of the overviewed strategy to the other hiring teams.


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Ten effective job search strategies. (2014). Web. 

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