Nursing Advocacy Role in Healthcare Reforms

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Nowadays, it is widely known that nurses not only provide medical assistance but also can contribute to the political life of the country by actively participating in the development of policies (Arabi, Rafii, Cheraghi, & Ghiyasvandian, 2014; Milstead, 2013). It could be said that all of the characteristics mentioned above are essential constituents of the nurse’s advocacy role. American Nurses Association (ANA) also highlights this part of the nursing profession of paramount importance. In its Policy & Advocacy Section, it states that every member of this organization is encouraged to take action and contribute to the development of the healthcare system (American Nurses Association, 2017).

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In this case, ANA highly promotes the position of an advocate and helps address different matters, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Nursing Caucus (American Nurses Association, 2017). This description entirely complies with the definition of the advocacy role of a nurse while showing that the opinion of a medical specialist can change the situation in the healthcare segment.

Within this sphere, it is possible to choose one option out of three career tracks, and they are research, education, and practice. Thus, one of the critical roles within this segment is being an educator since these professionals help nurses behave and act as advocates and increase their awareness about this side of the nursing career (Tomajan, 2012).

I chose this role since I wanted to have an active contribution and share my knowledge with other nurses, as only working together as a team and being aware of a problem could assist in improving the healthcare sphere. I believe that I have good communication skills and the ability to persuade the audience, and a combination of these characteristics entirely complies with the description of the selected position. Overall, I want to become a role model, motivate and inspire others to pursue careers as advocates with the help of my example, contribute to policy-making, and change the attitude towards nursing in general. Consequently, this advocacy position can help me reach my personal and professional goals simultaneously.

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Your posting creates a perception that you have a clear understanding of the advocacy role of a nurse. I would say that you truly understand the meaning and mission of this position, and I think that you should consider becoming an advocate, it will not only help you release your professional potential but also assist you in becoming an active member of the society.

Nursing advocacy is a complicated part of the profession, as it requires medical practice and a clear understanding of the political mechanism. Thus, apart from these complications, it seems that you can discover the nursing profession through an entirely different lens. Today, various institutions provide an extended variety of courses to educate nurses about their advocacy roles. If I were you, I would consider taking some extra courses about policy-making in the healthcare sphere, as you already have a well-developed image of a nurse as an advocate.

It is widely known that nursing advocacy starts being a highly valued and progressively developing side of this profession. I think that you should consider becoming one, as your posting is highly argumentative, as you can discover this role of a nurse from an entirely different perspective. Thus, it seems that combining this initiative with studying may be complicated due to an enormous number of responsibilities and obligations. Nonetheless, the development of technology eases the educational process, and you can master your skills with the help of online courses. I would encourage you to take them and pursue a career in this sphere, as you have a professional potential.

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