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Nursing Care Aspects Overview

As a child growing up in a humble background where health care was deficient and almost alien to me, I felt insecure about my own body because it was dependent on other people who understood how my body worked more than I did. In my lifetime I have seen people from all walks of life in dire need of health care, I noticed the poor particularly struggle to find quality health care. I have been inspired by such situations to get involved in health care. I acknowledge that nursing is a field that needs one to serve the public with passion and maintaining the desire to help those in need of health care. I believe that, nursing is not about treating an illness it is offering care from all perspectives. My big dream is to see patients get quality health care in hospitals. One has to be compassionate and caring when handling different types of ailing patients. Nursing care should provide care from a holistic perspective and taking a non-discriminatory approach while handling its patients.

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I gained my interest at a nursing home where I discovered my passion for providing reassurance to people who may be feeling anxious or confused and I knew it is a crucial skill to be a nurse. As a placement, I undertook a job at a care center for children with disabilities. The children had various conditions and needs; and I learnt how to balance and meet their needs. My interest in nursing has been enhanced further by my time after high school during sports events. I used to help out injured students by offering basic first aid. I later enrolled at St. John ambulance and developed first aid skills further. I have also had the privilege of working alongside paramedics which is a challenging job. It is tough to work under pressure but I find it satisfying to successfully treat people and reassure them when they are in need. Anatomy has been my favorite subject in my nursing major. I have also learnt about nursing models, theories and got experience on placements. All these are values that I treasure.

From my experience in college through theory and clinical practice, I believe that I am suited to become a nurse. I consider communication is critical between the patient and the doctor. Moreover I need to be honest and give accurate information to all parties involved with the patient. These are traits that a nurse continues working towards perfection. Having the opportunity to put positive impact in someone’s life is a deep desire that I hold dearly. Personally, getting involved in situations which involves taking charge of someone’s life at the most vulnerable situations is something that always keeps me working towards my best and the impact that I make in people’s lives is invaluable to me. Nursing is a career that develops an individual to gain great insights in life about health vulnerability and appreciate good health. A career path in nursing is one that comes with changing situations which I have to keep updating skills every time. The diversity of people in which one handles gives the opportunity to learn something new every day. Despite the challenging nature of the job, nothing beats the feeling of helping a complete stranger. It keeps me going and at that moment, I feel rewarded.

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