Nursing Student’s Individual Success Plan


Today, the obsession with being successful becomes an important concept in society. People find it interesting to judge each other relying on their achievements regardless of their personal values and ethics. Success is what guides millions of people and defines the life path. It cannot be only black or white, and its colorfulness depends on people’s distinctive features, their possibilities to identify their weaknesses, and the abilities to cope with challenges.

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Any success should have a plan in terms of which it is possible to understand what can be achieved. Being a student in a nursing school, I establish a goal to achieve success in classes, labs, and clinical experiences. To create a goal does not mean to reach it. Therefore, I need a strong individual success plan that can be used to organize all my activities and motivate me. In this paper, I am going to share my plan with several improvement needs, goals, a timeline, requirements, and challenges which have to be overcome until graduation.

Areas of Improvement

During my last semester, I was involved in numerous research, writing, and clinical activities. On the one hand, I was able to realize that I had already obtained some portion of knowledge and could use it in different ways. On the other hand, I came to the conclusion that there were many areas that had to be improved and developed. The results of my Cumulative Nursing Exam and several thematic quizzes demonstrated my progress and future opportunities, as well as identified the main obstacles and the areas of improvement. First, I need to pay my attention to such topics as Safety & Effective Care and Health Promotion & Maintenance.

It is not enough to have some theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice. A number of factors like cooperation with colleagues and communication with patients have to be taken into consideration. Besides, physiological and psychological integrity, as a part of NCLEX-RN, helps to focus on the physical, mental, and emotional health of patients. People should be treated not only as patients with particular health problems, but also as individuals who are guided by their own principles, demands, and needs. Another significant area of improvement is secondary prevention. Some diseases have classifications and should be prevented according to these classifications.

It is difficult to learn these peculiarities, and I have to concentrate on the development of my knowledge in this field. Finally, systems-focused intervention is an area of improvement that requires additional knowledge about the population, its needs, and expectations.


My success plan includes several SMART goals that I have to achieve until graduation. It is not enough for me to have some objectives in mind. Psychologists suggest writing some goals on paper to have a happier and more successful personal life (Boe, 2011; Haughey, 2013). I follow their piece of advice and create a list of specific and realistic goals that I can measure and achieve in a certain period of time.

My first goal is to increase my average score on the final exams up to 90% this semester. To succeed in this task, I have to be ready to work hard and regularly. I will try to visit all lectures, complete all tasks, read a lot of required literature, search for additional information on nursing practice at conferences and online video courses, and participate in classroom discussions to obtain feedbacks, correct all mistakes, and improve my understanding of the topics. Each week, I am going to make a list of my achievements and lessons received from different people. Each test is a specific deadline for this goal.

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The second goal of mine is to succeed in evidence-based practice. Even if nurses are not students anymore, they have to work with different sources a lot, identify the most appropriate material, and create reviews to take the most crucial facts. It is necessary for me to establish several effective programs on my PC, choose an appropriate search engine, and develop my searching skills on a weekly basis. At the end of my practice, I have to know how to find a necessary article in several minutes, how to analyze a source, what types of research may be used in articles, and how this information can be helpful in my clinical practice.

My third goal is to develop appropriate nursing care plans for patients with different diagnoses. My task is to improve the combination of my practice and writing skills. To succeed in my practice, I am going to observe the experiences of other students and nurses, ask questions, and read educative literature. My writing can be improved by practicing it regularly like it is my job to create strong and interesting written projects. I have to plan each project, outline the context, and analyze each idea. At the end of my practice, I need to reach an excellent point in all reflections, reviews, and care plans.

My final goal is to reach graduation. To succeed in it, I have to meet all deadlines, follow a plan, ask for help in case of emergency, and never step aside. Nursing is what I want to be good at, and this course is my opportunity to demonstrate my best skills, knowledge, and intentions to contribute to the field of nurses as its significant part.


Date Task
Today Start working hard and regularly!
September 24 Literature review paper; HESI exam; Individual success plan draft
October 1 Nursing theory paper
October 3 First transition to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
October 5 Second transition to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
October 7 First critical care clinical at Abrazo Hospital
October 8 Interview questions
October 10 Third transition to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
October 12 Fourth transition to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
October 14 Second critical care clinical at Abrazo Hospital
October 15 Change theory paper; Respiratory case study; HESI exam remediation
October 17 Fifth transition to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
October 19 Sixth transition to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
October 20 Mock codes lab simulation
October 21 Third critical care clinical at Abrazo Hospital
October 22 Exam 2; Implementation paper
October 24 Seventh transition to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
October 26 Eight transitions to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
October 28 Fourth critical care clinical at Abrazo Hospital
October 29 Evaluation; Evaluation and dissemination of outcomes paper; Case studies; Quiz
November 2 Ninth transition to practice clinical at Scottsdale Shea Hospital
November 5 Nutritional support worksheets; Sustaining change paper; Case studies
November 11 Case studies; Quiz
November 12 Capstone change project; Pre-simulation assignment; Exam 3; Case studies, Quiz; HESI practice exam
November 19 Peer review of capstone change project and professional presentation; HESI practice exam
December 3 HESI Live review; HESI Live review reflection
December 10 Capstone change project final paper; HESI practice exams; professional portfolio; Individual success plan final
December 12 Exam 4; HESI CAT
December 15 GRADUATION!


In this semester, there are three main challenges I have to deal with. First, I understand that each practice and task have to be planned and explained properly. I am challenged by the necessity to explain the peculiar features of all the decisions made and each idea offered. Sometimes, it is hard for me to work with sources. Lifelong learning is what I should strive for (Davis, Taylor, & Reyes, 2014). Therefore, I need to improve my evidence-based practice and learn how to use evidence to support my practice decisions. Another challenge is based on the necessity to meet deadlines. Regarding the variety of tasks I am involved in and the duties I have to perform, I am not always sure that I can meet these deadlines.

To avoid this challenge, I am going to think over each step beforehand, make a plan, and use my past experience to avoid possible mistakes. Finally, I am not always ready to cooperate with unfamiliar people. I feel uncomfortable in such communication because I do not know what to expect from them. To overcome this challenge, I plan to observe how other nurses work, what methods they use, and what results are achieved. I should communicate more, develop my opinion, and support the chosen position. Self-confidence is what I am going to work on.


In general, each goal and step in my practice is my personal achievement. I realize that I have certain areas to improve and several challenges to overcome. I am ready to work and understand that clinical care is not as easy and understandable as it may seem. Much work must be done, and a learning process should never be stopped because even the most sufficient experts in clinical care find some time to identify their weak points, improve their knowledge, and succeed in practice.


Boe, J. (2011). SMART goals keep you focused. Senior Market Advisor, 12(6), 62.

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Davis, L., Taylor, H., & Reyes, H. (2014). Lifelong learning in nursing: A Delphi study. Nurse education today, 34(3), 441-445.

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