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Responsibility in Personal Perception


Responsibility is a diverse term that has several definitions. It may refer to the acquisition of personal qualities and values that make people aware of their duties and expectations and thus go on to accomplish them and deal with the consequences of their decisions and actions. Responsible people realize the importance of their goals and duties and work hard to accomplish them. In addition, responsibility refers to the ability or attitude to own up to one’s mistakes and thus find ways to correct them without blaming other people.

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How to be responsible

Being responsible is a sign of maturity in an individual. An individual can express responsibility in several ways. These include: knowing and acting on one’s duties and obligations, getting out of one’s way to achieve set goals, and owning up to one’s mistakes without blaming other people. Responsibility also involves the realization that personal decisions determine the outcome of actions taken. Responsible human beings learn from their mistakes and as such, make better decisions. In addition, being a responsible person means tackling difficult situations that arise unexpectedly and avoiding excuses to run away from them.

Personal responsibilities

I feel responsible for many things in my life. My greatest responsibility is to develop my intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being. This involves accomplishing my goals to the best of my ability, studying hard in school, eating right, exercising regularly to keep fit, being good to other people, and obeying my parents. On a broader scope, I feel responsible for making the world a better place by caring for the environment and helping needy people. I do not feel responsible for the widespread corruption, wars, and other great evils that afflict society and that are beyond my ability to abolish. However, I do the much I can to make a difference even though in a small way.

My sense of responsibility extends beyond my immediate environment in many ways. I love a clean and conducive environment, and consider it my responsibility to take good care of it. I fulfill this by ensuring that I dump waste responsibly. Of late, I have embraced green living to reduce the number of pollutants released into the environment. In addition, I have joined several groups that take care of the environment by carrying out activities such as tree planting and advocating for better practices that conserve the environment. Taking care of the needy is also an extension of my personal sense of responsibility. I am mostly interested in helping orphans and victims of HIV/AIDS who suffer discrimination and stigmatization because of their health status.

Some of the things that I take seriously include my health, my education, my spirituality, and my values. I believe that as a responsible person, it is my duty to be fair and honest in all dealings. I also avoid making decisions and taking actions that violate the rights of other people. In addition, I take my duties, obligations, and goals seriously and exploit my potential to achieve them.


Responsibility has several definitions that depend on personal values, beliefs, and goals. Precisely, responsibility is defined by the awareness of one’s duties and obligations and applying effort to accomplish them. It is also defined by a personal initiative that involves recognizing mistakes, learning from them, and not blaming others.

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