Nursing Turnover Rates in Sampling Plan

Population: Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

Nurses are a target population for the investigation. Medical and surgical nurses from hospitals in the area will be included in the investigation (Chu, Wodchis, & McGilton, 2014). The study will cover only voluntary employee termination. Temporary staff will be excluded from the study as well as transfers inside the hospital. Nurses who left their job due to aging and child care will also be excluded (NSI Nursing Solutions, 2016). Therefore, the nursing turnover rate will be calculated only for nurses who voluntarily left their jobs due to work conditions. Nurses who continue their work in the facilities will be included in the survey (Chu et al., 2014).

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The nursing turnover rate will be calculated as the percentage of nurses who left their job during the past year of total employed nurses during that time. To estimate possible reasons for turnover, the anonymous survey as among still working nurses a sampling method will be conducted.

In the survey, only currently employed nurses but not those who left their jobs will be included. Thus, this sampling might lead to a response bias. To avoid sampling bias, it is better to perform a probability sampling when all members of the target population have an equal opportunity to participate in the survey. Randomized sampling is more objective than non-probability.

Sampling size is also important for the reliability of the investigation. Minimum 200 nurses will be included in the survey. However, it is better to increase the number of participants up to 1000 or more (Adams, 2016).

Implementation Plan

Firstly, ten local hospitals for the investigation will be selected. The information about nurses who terminated their employment will be obtained from the facilities’ administrations to calculate the nursing turnover rate. Second, the survey among nurses who continue working in hospitals will be conducted. All employed nurses will be asked via e-mail or telephone to complete an anonymous online survey (Chu et al., 2014). On-line questionnaires’ links will be different for different hospitals. It is important for further comparison of the turnover rate and nurses’ job satisfaction level. All completed samples will be analyzed. Data collection and research design might be considered as reliable and valid because the sampling will be anonymous and randomized.


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The Chu, C. H., Wodchis, W. P., & McGilton, K. S. (2014). Turnover of regulated nurses in long‐term care facilities. Journal of Nursing Management, 22(5), 553-562. Web.

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NSI Nursing Solutions. (2016). 2016 national healthcare retention & RN staffing report. Web.

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