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Nursing Career Vision and Networking Strategies


Nursing practice is the field of medicine that requires constant improvement of personal skills and self-development. As a consequence, regularly working on the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, it is possible to achieve significant career growth, having sufficient ambition and aspirations. In order to grow successfully as a specialist, it is required to develop a special plan that will include short-term and long-term goals, development strategies, as well as the timeframe for achieving certain results. If the whole algorithm of actions is carefully thought out, it will help to simplify the task in the future and to follow a clearly defined path without being distracted by secondary goals. It is assumed that a career plan can contribute to setting real objectives and gradually achieving them by following the intended mode of work and constantly improving personal skills.

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Plans for Future Career Development

Working on the achievement of specific results, regardless of their term, it is necessary to realize how much time it can take to realize all the objectives. According to Phillips and Evans (2017), despite some barriers, future specialists are able to independently set concrete plans and implement them if sufficient efforts are made. Thus, for this purpose, it is essential to develop a time gradation that will be presented in Table 1:

Table 1. Timeline for Achieving Immediate, Midrange, and Long-Term Goals

Goals Description
Immediate (within one year) To receive a job in one of the best clinics in the region.
Midrange (three to five years) To receive a Doctor of Nursing Science degree (DNS).
Long-Term (more than five years) To become a famous specialist in the field of nursing in a particular region and receive a managerial position.

To achieve a short-term goal, it is required to compose a competent resume and pass an interview in several good clinics. In order to obtain a DNS degree, it is essential to well prepare and practice for several years to receive good educational base. One of the main long-term goals is to obtain a managerial position in a good clinic by working effectively and observing all job descriptions while demonstrating leadership qualities in parallel.

Plans for Effective Networking Strategies

In order to succeed in a career, it is significant to follow some networking strategies. Thus, for example, one of them is proposed by Young, Landstrom, Rosenberger, Guidroz, and Albu (2015) and consists in the formation of communities aimed at solving specific problems that are related to nursing practice. Another possible prospect is to work together to expand the capabilities of junior medical personnel by involving stakeholders in programs to promote certain care practices. Finally, Young et al. (2017) mention such a strategy as systematic monitoring of achieved results, which can be realized through testing or other checks. To implement the planned strategies, it is necessary to involve a senior sister who will monitor the implementation of specific tasks, an RN in a particular area, as well as a management representative who will provide access to necessary resources.

Description of Plans for Mentoring Strategies

In order to successfully move up the career ladder and systematically achieve the set goals, it is essential to have an experienced and highly qualified mentor who will be able to give necessary recommendations and timely help in case of difficulties. Cheek, Dotson, and Ogilvie (2016) claim that those nurse practitioners who have worked much in this field and have sufficient professional skills will be best suited for it. Therefore, there is a chance to turn to the senior nurse of a particular clinic for help in order to have reliable support.

Today, being a BSN, it is possible to personally act as a mentor. Thus, having this degree, there is an opportunity to supervise beginning medical workers, for instance, RNs, and to assist them. Also, visiting nurses can also need advice. In general, having sufficient qualifications, it is possible to act as a mentor for many representatives of the nursing profession.

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Creating a Personal Brand

Promoting oneself as a specialist is an important task. If employers have an idea of ​​what worker they deal with and what successes he or she has achieved, they will be more willing to consider such nominees to offer favorable terms of employment. It is possible to market oneself by periodically publishing scientific articles and engaging in volunteer activities within nursing communities. The primary attributes that need to be singled out are commitment and diligence as the basic factors of success. According to Phillips and Evans (2017), the best advertising is performance. Therefore, in order to earn recognition in their field, it is required to show interest in work, demonstrate leadership qualities, and focus on the quality of care. Following this strategy, success is likely to be achieved.


Thus, making a career plan can contribute to not only establishing clear goals but also planned accomplishing of specific tasks within a certain period of time, achieving success. Appropriate networking and mentoring strategies should be considered for effective development as a professional. Also, creating a personal brand is an essential and responsible task for gaining recognition from the management and providing for stable career growth.


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