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Nutrition: Anatomy of a Supermarket Purchase


It should be noted that people are often unaware of the real motivational mechanisms behind their food choices in the supermarket. Advertising and product placement can affect the unconscious mind of consumers and influence their purchases. For instance, chocolate bars may cause associations with positive emotions because of advertising, and products on the middle shelf are generally more popular than those on the higher or lower ones (“Anatomy of a Supermarket Purchase”). In addition, food defaults affect consumers’ preferences and choices. If a particular dish is customary to serve with fried potatoes, a person will be inclined to buy it, regardless of its actual healthy value. Moreover, unnecessary and unhealthy purchases are often made during a supermarket visit after a working day, when willpower reserves are exhausted by stressful situations or working decisions.

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Reasons to Stop Drinking Milk

The issue of the benefits and harms of cow’s milk is very controversial and provokes active discussion. Some authors claim that milk contains extremely high concentrations of somatic cells or pus (“5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Milk”). Furthermore, it is claimed that the massively produced milk contains chemical, biological, and bacterial agents that can adversely affect the organism and even cause cancer. They increase the storage life of milk and thus increase the profits of large corporations. Finally, cows used for milk production are separated from calves, maintained in terrible conditions, and subjected to abuse.

Case Study

Harvard’s healthy eating pyramid is based on scientific research into nutrition and a rebuttal of previously widespread myths. The foundation of this approach is daily exercise and weight control (Willett and Skerrett 15). Hence, it is recommended that the student described in the presented case should exercise or at least increase her physical activity. Dietary fiber is essential for a healthy diet, and therefore more vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and legumes should be consumed (Mayo Clinic Staff). The outline should consist of four meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper. In the morning, a student should eat a black bread avocado sandwich, and some fruit. Lunch should include vegetables, nuts, whole grains, such as couscous, quinoa, bulgur, or whole wheat, and freshly squeezed juice. A student can eat fish with brown rice for dinner, and have some fruit and a cheese sandwich for supper.

Gut Flora

Gut flora is microorganisms that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract and live in symbiosis with the human organism. It has several useful functions, including protecting the body from pathogenic bacteria, providing digestion of certain substances, absorbing water, and generating energy. A healthy diet is the main factor in improving gut flora. More fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, and whole grains should be consumed. It is also necessary to control the weight and refrain from excessively fatty, sugary, and salty foods.


Diverticulosis of the intestine is related to inflammation of the diverticula located on intestinal walls and can cause abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and constipation. The reasons for the development of this disease are primarily related to eating habits and a diet consisting mainly of easily digestible processed foods and insufficient consumption of products containing fiber (“Diverticulosis”). Prevention of diverticulosis requires the consumption of sufficient fiber and water and the minimization of fatty and fried foods.

Steps of Digesting Food

The digestive process is much more complex and multistage than is generally perceived. First, the digestion of part of the carbohydrates under the influence of the enzyme saliva occurs in the oral cavity. Simultaneously, the brain transmits an activation signal to the entire digestive system (“Biology: Digestive System Video”). In the stomach, food is disinfected with hydrochloric acid, and proteins are partially digested under the influence of certain enzymes. The process of splitting food into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and the absorption of simple nutrients such as amino acids, glucose, fatty acids, trace elements, and vitamins into the blood takes place in the small intestine.

USDA Twitter Article

It should be noted that nutrition trends and a healthy diet are acute issues that are often raised in social media. On June 1, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) tweeted an article on tips and recommendations concerning healthy eating for men (@Nutrition_gov). It is not a structured diet plan, but rather a set of suggestions regarding both eating attitudes and related habits, and consumed foods.

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USDA notes that there is no universally correct way to eat or unique food that is beneficial to everyone. According to the article, “there are some foods men need to eat such as vegetables; fruits; whole grains; protein foods like beans, eggs, or lean meats; and dairy like 1% milk” (USDA). However, it should be noted that several researchers have challenged USDA standards. Among other things, the thesis about the necessity of dairy products, which are also a source of calories and saturated fat, has been criticized (Willett and Skerrett 12). The organism does not need milk, but the calcium it contains. Therefore, the point about dairy products can be replaced if a person refrains from them.

USDA also emphasizes that people tend to eat food, which is available in the kitchen and the fridge. Thus, it is reasonable to stock up healthy food in advance and exclude harmful products, including frozen semi-finished meals, snacks, sweets, and others. The article points out that whole grains are essential to maintain high energy levels and provide the body with key nutrients. Whole-wheat pasta and bread are considerably healthier than sweet baking and rice. Furthermore, according to the article, it is advisable to “cut calories by skipping foods high in solid fats and added sugar” (USDA). It should be noted that regular consumption of these products rapidly forms a habit and even addiction, which later can lead to obesity and problems with the digestive system.

It is stated in the article that drinking is a crucial component of nutrition, and water is essential for healthy body functioning. At the same time, numerous other drinks, including soda, energy, and sports drinks, and alcohol, can cause significant harm. USDA recommends analyzing the diet components based on individual characteristics and cooking more often, gradually abandoning fast food. These suggestions can have long-term positive effects on health and energy levels, as there is no universal instruction on proper nutrition. When a person analyzes his diet based on his weight, height, age, physical activity level, and subjective feelings, he receives more reliable and valuable information.

Furthermore, USDA proposes to investigate the contents of purchased food products and review scientific research and relevant publications in this regard. These recommendations are intended to raise awareness of ordinary consumers regarding their buying and eating habits. Besides, the article mentions the significance of physical activity for comprehensive health improvement. Exercises, sports, yoga, or any other similar habits are necessary to keep the body in tone. Otherwise, muscle activity may weaken as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, which is a factor in several diseases and health problems.

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