Online Classes: Computer Literacy and Knowledge


The modern educational sphere experiences multiple changes because of the radical shifts in people’s mentalities and the way society functions. The emergence of new technologies and their implementation in all fields of human activity precondition the increased need for skills required to work with innovative devices and employ them in various settings. For this reason, high-school students should be prepared for working in new environments. Online classes can be taken as the critical element needed for the development of computer literacy and acquisition of this sort of knowledge, which means that all learners should be required to take online classes before graduation.

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Multiple factors evidence the previous statement and justify the need to introduce the given requirement. First, when using this mode of learning, individuals acquire basic information about how the Internet works and what sites can be used for their education and self-improvement. Even regarding the focus on the development of this sort of skill during the classes, the independent work can also serve as a facilitator of better data acquisition and processing (“Benefits of online education”). For this reason, students not only accomplish their tasks given by a tutor, but they also create the basis for their future success by understanding how technologies work.

Moreover, the introduction of online classes will also help to teach students how to find information by themselves and differentiate between credible and doubtful sources. In the age of digitalization, information becomes available to any person, but its quality and relevance are not always acceptable. False news, incorrect data portions, or fake statements can result in confusion and multiple misunderstandings. For this reason, during online courses, students will be able to learn how to find reliable sources of information and how to use them to make correct conclusions (“Benefits of online education”). These skills are critical for the modern world as the ability to find the needed fact is essential for specialists.

Finally, the modern age can be considered the era of convenience and comfort. People look for approaches that will guarantee their ability to enjoy all benefits not leaving home. At the same time, they also want to save time and distribute it effectively. Online classes will be able to offer all these advantages to students as they will not have to move to distant places (“Benefits of online education”). Under these conditions, this mode of learning becomes preferable for many individuals from various states as they can study from different locations. It can also precondition their decision to enter one or another educational establishment, which is vital for it.


Altogether, online classes can be considered an integral element of the modern education system. They offer multiple advantages to learners and contribute to the development of computer literacy and information processing. Students should be required to have this sort of training, and the institutions should be ready to change their policies to implement this element in their curriculums with the primary goal to enhance the effectiveness of training. It will help to create the basis for future success and avoid gaps in knowledge that might deteriorate individuals’ results in their career building.

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