Online Computer-Tailored Physical Activity Intervention

Nowadays our life is full of different new discoveries that enable us to facilitate and make it better. With every passing day, almost everything around us undergoes some innovations. I for one firmly believe that not every person knows when exactly Internet has come into our lives, but now it is a crucial integral part of it beyond question. The Internet can help to find necessary information, useful instructions, latest news, favored work of literature, important discovery or famous songs and films. Internet is a global network that joins all people within the whole world. There are a lot of advantages to the Internet, but in the course of time people have begun to worry about the influence of numerous devices around them. Scientists all over the world try to expose the real benefits and injuries of its effect.

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Internet is a channel of transferring computer-tailored interventions that has a broad sphere of spreading. Numerous people at the same time, in different places of the world, can cooperate altogether. Scientists are disturbed about the health of people. They conduct plenty of researches making a careful study of different aspects of health. One of the studies is devoted to estimating the influence of Internet-based computer-tailored intervention on the whole generation. This study has its predecessors that achieve great success in the frame of laboratories investigations. In contrast to them, the present study concerns all people who use the Internet. It has even global meaning.

526 people were invited to take part in this study on a free basis. These participants were expected to be between 25 and 55 years of age, did not have problems with cardiovascular disease, and had free access to the Internet. All these people were divided into three groups: 174, 175, and 177 people accordingly. The first group was called as “E-mail group”, participants of it had tailored advice and 5 stage-based e-mails. The second one was known as the “Tailored group” with tailored advice. And the last group was called a “Non-tailored group” with non-tailored advice. All these participants agreed to collaborate within 6 months. From the point of view of measures, at the beginning of this experiment, every person fulfilled the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). Due to it the level of physical activity of every participant could be viewed. They cared a lot about participants’ physical activity not only at work or during their free time but also they took into account even displacement and household activities. The calculation was very simple: physical activity was presented in min week-1. This figure was multiplied by frequency (day week-1) and then by duration (min day-1). Also, the participants were measured from the point of view of their physical state: height, blood pressure, weight, fatness. Then all the data were put in a separate table of accordance. Some participants were asked questions about their emotional state and their usage of different advice.

The results of this research were quite impressionable. After six months of hard work of people and scientists, 379 participants took part in the analyses. The parts of drop-out in these three groups were diverse and the total amount was equal to 28,9%. Those people who had not followed the necessary instructions, who had neglected the rules were this drop-out. Respondents of these groups told about their great success in physical activity. As a result, they spoke in favor of the tailored physical activity advice in comparison with the non-tailored advice. The first one had more influence on participants, but the change of behavior of participants of different groups was not noticed.

To sum it all up, computer-tailored interventions are more useful. This study has disclosed many interesting facts, but there is a need to study this problem more thoroughly in the future.

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