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Online Methods of Launching Books

A Grant Proposal for Book Launching Event

Every nonprofit organization wishes to have an event for launching or promoting products and services. Such events can be of massive benefit to the firm in improving its profile, raising funds to be used, and engaging its stakeholders, such as the community and board, in a rewarding and exciting process. However, the huge challenge in planning for an event, as noted by Heyman (2016), is making it fantastic, productive, and profitable. Strategic planning involves allocating firms ample time to set realistic goals and establishing a clear sense of the desired outcome. Implementing strategic planning provides easy and effective solutions for organizations seeking to meet the mission and expand impact in domestic and international markets.

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Organization Description

The organization selected for this strategic event planning is John Wiley and Sons Inc., famously known as Wiley, founded by Charles Wiley in 1807, an American multinational publishing firm focusing on instructional and academic material. Wiley is a corporation whose contact address is 1500 Spring Garden St, #501, Philadelphia, PA 19130. The company’s phone is +1 (201) 748-6000, while the mailing address is [email protected] (John Wiley and Sons Inc. Philadelphia, n.d.). Wiley is a typical example of a nonprofit organization that can boost its performance by embracing online marketing strategies.

Statement of Need

The proposed event concerns online strategies for launching instructional and academic materials. At present, the emergence and development of e-commerce due to rapid growth and expansion in the use of the internet has presented a retail challenge to organizations like John Wiley and Sons Inc. The problem stems from the continued use of conventional ways of displaying and selling academic and instructional materials.

Specifically, traditional book organizations are threatened by the shift in customers buying behavior since they have today become aggressive and bold in demand for responsive service besides superior quality (Kumar et al., 2016). The book launch is a promotion or a nifty marketing technique that creates awareness for instructional or academic materials and assists in initiating their sale at a proposed budget of $ 5000. Therefore, the event must emphasize superior quality and portray Wiley as one of the best book publishing firms.

Project Description

The current project focuses on online methods of launching instructional and academic materials. Wiley can use myriads of strategies to launch books online. The first strategy involves creating a website. After setting up the website, it will serve as the base for all other forms of online promotion alongside adding credibility to Wiley’s image or profile. The website should include ads that mark it easier for customers to make purchases upon clicking the ad. The second technique is going crazy with blogging. Aggressive blogging is one of the rapid ways to make Wile company’s presence feel online by regularly updating content in the form of video and text.

The beginning point of blogging is setting up a blog on WordPress and a YouTube Channel where informative and entertainment content are shared. Build up credibility and better exposure by sharing content more. Sharing content on social media pages is the next online launching strategy. This is the simplest way of sharing information currently, and each social media platform offers something unique. Therefore, different social media pages should be used, including Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, and Tik Tok.

Accordingly, the fourth strategy for launching instructional and academic materials is contacting influencers. Influencers refer to individuals with a strong follower base due to their expertise in a particular subject, such as artwork, music, etcetera. Many influencers share book reviews on their pages, so Wiley company should contact them to promote and review its products. Last but not least, the company will be expected to sign up on Amazon. Soon after the launching of academic or instructional materials, they should be converted into e-materials. E-materials are easier to promote and distribute via platforms such as Amazon.

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Plan of Evaluation

Most publishing companies launch instructional and academic materials to create a publishing brand and establish themselves as the best firm in the genre of publishing. Hosting a successful book launch event takes the company a step closer to creating one of the superior book publishing brands. This project is characterized by unique outcomes, including making potential customers aware of the firm’s existence by promoting the brand and inducing them to expect more academic and instructional materials from Wiley, which gives the company a reason to exceed such predetermined expectations.

In addition, two quantifiable standards will be used to measure the project’s outcome, namely assessing how customers are satisfied with online strategies of launching academic and instructional materials, besides examining whether the project is completed within a pre-estimated estimated budget. Evaluating the satisfaction of customers relies on feedback reviews regarding their rating of online strategies of book launching. A high rating for the strategy will be associated with a potential to in sales and brand awareness.

Conclusively, this paper has explored a strategic plan that can be used by John Wiley and Sons Inc. to launch instructional and academic materials to meet the changing demand of present-day consumers. Due to the wide adoption of internet use, traditional methods of displaying and selling books do not work, which necessitate firms to embrace e-retail strategies outlined in the project description, including creating a website, going crazy with blogging, sharing content on social media pages, contacting influencers, and converting books to e-books on platforms such as Amazon. The metrics used for assessing the outcome of this project focus on the upsurge in sales and increasing brand awareness.


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