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Organizational Culture Importance: Disney and Fox Companies


Organizational culture is a very important aspect for any company. It promotes the company’s values and fosters the performance of employees. The Walt Disney Company and Fox Broadcasting Company are two entertainment giants that are famous for their unique methods of business dealing. The main goal of this paper is to study the organizational culture of Disney and Fox companies in order to emphasize its importance.

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Organizational Culture

Organizational culture in Disney is made up of 4 processes. These are the selection of employees, training, supervision, and collaboration (“Employee Engagement”). The company aims at attracting, developing, and retaining specialists whose main goal is excellence. The company’s policies improve the overall performance through training internship programs that cultivate professional competence and increase the required knowledge. In addition, educational programs contribute to more active engagement of employees in working processes.

Development courses influence employees’ attitudes towards corporate culture. Such courses emphasize the importance of supervision and collaboration. The company gradually develops an ethical organizational culture through guidance and support. The ultimate goal of the company is to cultivate happiness by transferring personal experiences of employees to an audience. The members of work teams are obligated to treat each attendee in a unique way, taking into consideration their individual qualities. Therefore, an ethical organizational culture results in a high level of customers and employee satisfaction.

Fox is focused on the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees. The company tries to attract the most talented and unique specialists. Fox’s organizational culture includes various programs that offer opportunities to learn practical professional skills (“Fox Internship Program”). On-the-job training lets employees gain valuable experience and deeply understand the company’s values. Such programs engage participants in real-world projects, which enhance professional competence and leadership abilities. Moreover, new challenges contribute to the constant improvement of individual performance. Fox’s unique ethical organizational culture attracts the most talented specialists. It creates an environment that allows employees to balance their work and life. An ethical organizational culture also supports personal talents and innovativeness.

Attitudes and Values

Values reflect the way of thinking about the rightness and appropriateness of people’s behaviors and characteristics. Values serve as standards for the assessment and help to define desirable principles. On the other hand, attitudes determine reactions to people’s behaviors and characteristics. Attitudes are reflected in responses to different situations and are based on values and beliefs.

Disney seeks for workers whose attitudes correspond to their organizational culture. The major work values in the Walt Disney Company are innovation, quality, and community (“Employee Engagement”). On the other hand, ethical values include optimism and decency. These values are necessary to unify the perceptions of employees and enhance their performance.

The prevailing attitude among Fox’s specialists is a passion for innovation. It fosters an entrepreneurial culture that does not let employees keep the status quo. The energy and excitement are the major factors that influence decision-making processes. Fox’s major work values are independence, relationships, and a stimulating environment ( “Why Fox?”). Ethical values are responsibility and fairness. These principles are critical as they allow the company to improve the quality of production and the level of job satisfaction.

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Feedback and Rewards

These companies use similar methods of feedback and rewards. Specialists feel free to express their critical opinions about new products of a company, and they are encouraged to suggest other ways of doing business (“Fox Nation”). It serves as an additional inspiration for employees. Therefore, companies use motivating and corrective forms of feedback. It implies positive and negative points of view that include specifying areas for improvement. The main method of reward these companies apply is recognition (Jones). They use the major principle of the employees-first concept, providing genuine care in their day-to-day work. It additionally motivates workers and subsequently leads to better performance.


These companies have different sets of values that make up their organizational cultures. Such unique approaches lead to the successful implementation of their goals. The diversity of applied methods is necessary to adapt to different circumstances. Therefore, organizational culture is a tool that allows these companies to develop and prosper.

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