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Patient-Centered Care: New Approaches

The increased demand for the level of services provided by the healthcare sector resulted in a significant reconsideration of the main approaches used to attain success and improve existing practices to guarantee delivery of the most important healthcare services. With this in mind, the given sphere passes through the period of significant changes characterized by the creation of new approaches and reconsideration of the old ones.

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Yet, the importance of these approaches is evidenced by the fact that the new practices tend to be more efficient and have a better image than previous ones. In this regard, the investigation of the main peculiarities of important practices is crucial for a better understanding of the whole sphere and the improvement of its functioning.

Nevertheless, patient care units are special organizations for critical care nursing and medicine (Riley, White, Graham, & Alexandrov, 2014). The usage of the unique approach determines the great success of the given practices and result in their widespread. Yet, this special patient-centered paradigm considers a family of a certain patient to be a single and integral unit. That is why it is focused on the fulfillment of the main needs and the creation of the conditions beneficial for a patient.

Additionally, the support provided to visitation designed to meet the needs of patients also impacts the image of the healthcare sector and results in a significant increase in the number of satisfied patients and the general performance.

Additionally, ICU is expected to have numerous advantages over the traditional restrictive care unit visitations. Furthermore, there is a growing tendency characterized by the shift of priorities towards the ICU and implementation of its main aspects into the functioning of the healthcare sector and various organizations. However, one should also mind the fact that perceptions about patient-centered ICUs among patients family members, physicians, and nurses might vary which shows the ambivalent nature of the given issue.

Therefore, when speaking about the opposition traditional vs patient-centered ICUs, several crucial concerns should be mentioned. First, the majority of patients accept the main peculiarities of the innovational ICU, but at the same time competing roles of control over the patient’s health care could be considered barriers to a patient-centered paradigm which impacts the whole image of this very innovative and result in the appearance of numerous difficulties related to the implementation and development of the new practice (Riley, White, Graham, & Alexandrov, 2014).

Hence, investigations evidence that the patient’s family members admit compassion and flexibility of this innovational approach and demonstrate a positive attitude towards the reconsideration of the traditional patterns and shift of priorities. However, the innovative character of the given method and the increased level of control might introduce some limits and decrease the tempos of the development of the new practice.

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Altogether, patients, their families, and numerous health quality advocates have the positive image of the new practice and accept the necessity of its development and further spread (Riley, White, Graham, & Alexandrov, 2014). At the same, time the traditional ICU still has numerous advantages conditioned by its understandable character and general simplicity.

However, the modern conditions predetermine the shift of priorities and development of the new patterns which will be able to satisfy the most important patients demands. Finally, numerous researches that are based on the family members’ and physicians answers evidence the existence of powerful perceptions related to ICU services and its main aspects.


Riley, B., White, J., Graham, S., & Alexandrov, A. (2014). Traditional/restrictive vs patient-centered intensive care unit visitation: perceptions of patients’ family members, physicians, and nurses. American journal of critical care, 23(4), 316-324. Web.

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