Patient Relations Department Redesign

In view of the existing structural congestions in the hospital, this proposal would be timely in expanding our patient relations department. The proposal would redistribute our existing space to accommodate some few adjustments, which are stated below. The main objective of this proposal is to maximize the level of staff performance while utilizing space efficiently. The organization would intensify efforts to maintain the patient relations department. The department is a dynamic one and we have set in motion the necessary chain of events needed structurally to organize our existing resources. It is no longer news that our hospital has many challenges due to congestions. This proposal would eliminate these challenges to the barest minimum and constantly upgrade our staff relation unit and maximize performance.

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It is worthy to note that our hospital has 30 MSR lines and they only occupy seventeen offices, and four cubical located around the hospital. This has reduced the efficiency of our staffs while patients are not well served to achieve satisfaction for their money utilized.

We would further expand our arguments based on the diagram below

The inpatients offices
The inpatients offices
The out patients offices
The out patients offices

With a picture of our existing space allocations in mind, one would agree with the need for the proposed plan. The benefits would be evident because it would create more contact with the staffs and patients. The diagram above would not meet these requirements and therefore would not give the hospital the desired standard.

Proposed plan

In light of the necessary changes, the patient relations department would top the list in our job description. Each staff under this unit would be required to be competent and have special qualities but may not necessarily need to have high degrees. Although the educational qualification counts, it would only determine the level to which the staff would be allowed to operate.

Patient Relations Office (Out Patient)
Patient Relations Office (Out Patient)


This proposal would consist of seven MSR (0utpatients) lines a staff lounge, a meeting room, manager’s office, a clerk, receptionist office, and a patient’s waiting lobby. While the inpatient’s structure would consist of eight MSR lines that would carry out patient relation functions on grade level 10, a clerk, a manager with staffs. Consequently, the hospital would maintain the patient complaint department, which currently has two operational staffs, but would add a secretary.

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The organizational chart for the above diagram is seen below.

Inpatient organizational chart
Inpatient organizational chart
Outpatient organizational chart
Outpatient organizational chart

This proposal would utilize the available space while enhancing staff performance. The need for a concise job description would enhance competence, while making the job less stressful for the staffs. The staffs would be equally rewarded for the maximum services and those who do not perform well in their job description would be asked to leave. Experienced staffs would be promoted while staffs that fail to meet up with standards and lack experience due to the number of year’s quota would have to accumulate the remaining time.

The benefits of this proposed plan would include:

  1. The employee’s skill would be aligned to suit the goals and objectives of the hospital, this is an important benefit of the program because, some staffs could be performing well but such performances may not be in the interest of the hospital and that would be a wasted effort.
  2. The design would enable the staffs to adjust carefully to meet up with the strategic plan and would be accountable for either the success or failure of his or her section
  3. The process of organizational restructuring would help to create a margin of excellence among the staffs. This would help to motivate the staffs to set standards worthy of emulating and such a staff would be rewarded for good performance.
  4. The program would also create the much-desired opportunity to flush out underperformers from the hospital since every staff would be held accountable using their job description guideline.
  5. It would create a feedback channel where staffs would be able to dialogue with the management on possible challenges they encounter while on duty and possible solution that could be used to tackle these challenges.
  6. The feedback would enable management to understand the major shortcoming in the hospital. For example, the feedback could reveal the loophole among the staffs and the need for a training program for such a staff.

Thus, restructuring a hospital to meet the demands of the patients influences the quality of service delivery. Note that patients who complain about the staffs in a hospital could be inches away from recovery if they are well cared for. Likewise, a patient could have lived longer if he or she received quality care from the doctor, nurses, or even the receptionist. The first step in restructuring a hospital requires that every staff should be ready to take full responsibility for his or her actions while on duty. Likewise, the quality of care given to a patient is dependent on the goals and objectives of the hospital and the level of responsibility of the staffs that operate in the hospital. Restructuring the hospital can be executed in different stages. The staffs are posted to different sections or department based on their skill and competence. For quality accountability by all staffs, the circular organizational structure of management should be enforced.

Finally, the proposed plan would be an advantage for the hospital and this would be a success if the plan were considered. The circular organizational structure can influence the quality of the staff’s performance. It must be noted that the process of restructuring can cause come employees to quit from the hospital, this is due to job dissatisfaction. Consequently, an organizational change can be counter-productive; this is because the drive for a better performance can be influenced by hate, anger, or the fear of losing one’s job. This would affect the performance of the employee. The assessment of the staffs is vice versa, that is the staffs and management share in the responsibility of managing and maintaining the hospital. Every aspect of the evaluation tool is considered critical to the successful evaluation of the employees.

Note that this section below would be maintained in the proposed plan

Patient Relations Office
Patient Relations Office
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