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Work-Life Balance of Nurses


Research question

Do nurses have work-life balance in their careers, and how does the potential lack of balance influence their well-being and professional career?

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Working thesis

Modern nurses are under the great pressure considering the rapidly changing work environment due to the technological advancements implemented in the healthcare industry, so the influence of the work environment on the work-life balance in nursing practice requires additional research.


There are issues with work-life balance in nursing that require additional attention. Today, the nurses’ work is much more sophisticated and intense than it was decades ago. Their work has to be of high quality to provide their patients with services of adequate quality; therefore, the expectations are high. Such a state of things creates additional pressure in daily nursing practice. The degree of this pressure needs to be evaluated.



The issue of the lack of balance in nursing is undiscovered and is not presented in the media adequately.

Relevant literature

I will refer to the work of Kim and Windsor (2015) as well as consult with the work of McKinnon (2016) to explore the issue in-depth, so these works could provide me with a clear understanding of the problem, its scale, and any relevant details that can be found useful. The credibility of these sources is high, and I will address these authors and their works as the experts in the researched area.


Primary audience

My primary audience will be the practicing registered nurses, the administration of the healthcare facilities of a different scale, and patients to some extent.

Secondary audience

My secondary audience is my professor and fellow classmates, who should find this information interesting and worth of attention as the health care system in the United States experiences not the best times and requires reforms.

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Audience’s position

My audience should share my opinion and value it,is, and I believe it would be on my side after familiarizing itself with the outcomes of my research.


Research Collected So Far

I have found that work-life balance in nursing can be achieved in the case of providing nurses with adequate support in the quickly-changing modern environment, so the role of the HR personnel and their professionalism is crucial to the decrease in turnover rates. However, it is not clear what causes misbalance and how these factors can be either eliminated or their influence mitigated. The collected data is insufficient and requires additional research.

Research to be Collected

I will look for the factors that initially cause the misbalance. The information will be collected from a variety of sources and settings, inside and outside the United States to see how such kind of issues are resolved in different countries. I will explore the different approaches to the problem resolution to distill the most effective methods of resolving the issue.


I propose to research the problem that may seem undiscovered in the relevant contemporary literature. My solution is to explore the nature of the factors that cause the problem, the scale of the problem, and the potential solutions that can be used to resolve the problem effectively. The idea is to review the relevant literature available worldwide and explore the available experience. Each setting should be evaluated considering the local peculiarities such as traditions, mentality, legislation, and societal norms. It would help to see how the problem can be resolved in the most effective way.


Kim, M., & Windsor, C. (2015). Resilience and work-life balance in first-line nurse manager. Asian Nursing Research, 9, 21-27. Web.

McKinnon, J. (2016). Reflection for nursing life: Principles, process and practice. New York, NY: Routledge.

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