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Performance-Driven Team and Its Characteristics


Teamwork encompasses the combined assimilation of persons with different skills who work collectively towards achieving a mutual objective. These individuals have to be in alignment to be effective and productive. The group has to put their effort together to realize their goal successfully. Consequently, a performance-driven team has a sense of determination, shares the same vision, objectives, and values, and focuses strongly on results and resolutions. Furthermore, the team has appropriately designed priorities that are clear about guidelines, choices, and every arrangement (Ciasullo et al., 2017). The membership has open interaction where any conflict is handled transparently and fairly, and participants can listen to and engage with one another without obstruction.

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Similarly, team members should be able to trust and have mutual respect. Likewise, leadership is shared while simultaneously depending on the mission and group requirements (Ciasullo et al., 2017). Their operational procedures should be effective at collecting, consolidating, and assessing useful information. The participants inspire creativeness, invention, risk-taking, and forecasting, and they can also improve their skills, awareness, and strengths and pursue various ideas while utilizing any external support. Moreover, the individuals should comfortably handle change, share responsibility, and continuously progress (Ciasullo et al., 2017). Each team player can learn from their experiences and faults and encourage the progression and improvement of their colleagues.

Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

Motivation could be categorized into two different perceptions: intrinsic (internal) and Extrinsic (external). Intrinsic motivation is the self-desire to discover or encounter new things and challenges. It is also a way of assessing one’s potential by observing and gaining knowledge (Ciasullo et al., 2017). Therefore, internal motivation is impacted by interest or gratification in the mission itself, and it exists within the person instead of relying on external forces. Extrinsic motivation refers to an activity’s performance to advance a preferred result, and it is the reverse of intrinsic motivation. Therefore, external motivation originates from influences outside of the person.

Importance of Motivation

Since intrinsic motivation leads to high-quality learning and creativity, it is incredibly essential to detail the influences and powers that create and those that challenge it. Staffs with an advanced level of internal and external inspiration are superior at job performance. Studies have shown a constructive connection between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and workers’ commitment (Ciasullo et al., 2017). Therefore, motivation is imperative to a company since the more inspired the staffs are, the higher they are empowered.


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