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Personal Culture and Worldview


Culture is an integral part of personal identity and social order. It consists of values, beliefs, and regular activities that make up the lives of people all around the world. Numerous cultures are influencing the world today. Understanding cultural diversity provides a broader look at the surrounding environment and its various issues. With this essay, I will address my cultural background and discuss how it impacts my view on contemporary issues.

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Defining Culture

To begin with, the concept of culture should be defined and explained. Indeed, what is known as a culture is socially constructed. In the course book, it is defined as “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group” (Chatraw and Prior, 2019). As it is seen, culture relates to all aspects of daily life that impact people’s perceptions about the way of living. For example, how people treat illnesses can be defined by culture, some cultures may use different herbs or perform healing rituals to lessen the physical condition of a patient. Hence, to understand what people think of and how they behave, it is critical to examine their culture.

Faith and Culture

When it comes to me, I am mixed race of Caucasian and African American and identify myself as spiritual. My cultural background does not solely define my identity, but it is a crucial part of it. Living in the United States, a country full of different cultures showed me how people can be different but at the same time have a common identity as an American citizens. Therefore, I also think that being an American is part of my culture.

Speaking about religiosity, I used to be Christian but after some events in my life, I start to realize that I prefer being spiritual. I believe in a higher power that people have a connection with the universe. I also prefer non-religious practices that help people get in touch with their spiritual selves through quiet reflection, time in nature, private prayer, yoga, or meditation. These practices make me feel mindful about my actions and help me to remain calm in stressful situations and even find solutions to various issues.

Contemporary Issues

Indeed, my culture is influencing my worldview and perception of modern issues. For example, my African American part feels sensitive about the recent cases of racial discrimination. I truly support the Black Lives Matter movement and blame policymakers for not tackling the issues for decades. As it was said in the book, “Americans failed to live up to ideas with their treatment of Africans and Native Americans (Chatraw and Prior, 2019). It makes me feel various emotions at the same time when I realize how people of my African origin were treated and, in some cases, continue to be treated badly. People should understand that racial, ethnic, religious, social and any other differences should not be considered a threat, and people must be treated equally.

As a mixed-raced and spiritual person, I think that current immigration problems with people from poor countries moving to developed ones should not be considered a threat to the hosting population. People have the human right to move freely wherever they want. I also have the same attitude towards wars and weapons. People should prevent violence and not make wars as it is detrimental to the universe though bringing negative energy.

Spirituality provides me with calmness and a love for nature. As such, I cannot stand if I see how animals are treated badly. People are part of nature, and they should not consider themselves higher than any other natural creature by humiliating or punishing animals. It is stated in the book that “formal ideas, worldviews, precognitive assumptions, social, and physical dimensions passed on and inherited through others” (Chatraw and Prior, 2019). I think that culture is constantly changing, thus assuming that it is right to do things that were accepted as normal in the past, is incorrect.

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People should not consider something as acceptable if only it used to be so. The most obvious example is gender roles that were dictated by patriarchy. Considering men as dominant figures, while women look after children and keep the household is an old-fashioned approach. My aunties believe in such gender roles, stating that it was always the man who should be in charge of the family. People should not put themselves into such a narrow frame and should do things how they want.


Culture is a crucial part of people’s existence, influencing their perceptions of life. Mixed race and spirituality make up my culture and the way how I view the world. Politics and social norms are challenged me every time I see the link between external events and my cultural backgrounds, such as racial discrimination, immigration, animal welfare, and other topics. I also think that culture should be changed, as things that are considered normal in the past, can be not acceptable in modern times.


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