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Personal Nursing Beliefs

Definition of Nursing

My nursing philosophy focuses on the best processes to maximize the health outcomes of every targeted patient. That being the case, nursing is defined as an integral aspect of a health delivery system that provides evidence-based, culturally competent, timely, and adequate care to clients with diverse needs (Meehan, 2012).

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Assumptions/Underlying Beliefs

My nursing philosophy is guided by several beliefs or assumptions. The first one is that all human beings should have access to accurate and quality health support. Nurses should always act ethically and professionally in order to support the needs of their patients (Bruce, Rietze, & Lim, 2014). It is appropriate for caregivers to remain respectful and sensitive to the experiences of their clients. The next belief is that the four meta-paradigms of nursing should be used to support every patient.

Major Domains of Nursing

Nurses should consider the major domains of healthcare practice in order to realize their potentials. The first domain is health. This realm describes health as the experience and wellbeing of a patient. The next domain of nursing is the environment. The surrounding environment is known to present powerful forces and dynamics that impact health outcomes. The other useful domain focuses on the patient. According to the domain, the nursing process should focus on the best approaches to maximize the health outcomes of the community (Meehan, 2012). These paradigms are supported by other concepts such as patient safety, quality of healthcare, and evidence-based practice. These domains focus on the best approaches to delivering sustainable nursing care.


The major domains are interconnected in such a way that they promote the nursing process. To begin with, nurses focus on the environment in order to address the health issues of their patients. The nursing process is guided by the expectations and needs of the patient. The nurse should use powerful concepts such as evidence-based and cultural competence skills to address the health needs of targeted individuals (Bruce et al., 2014). Similar approaches should be used to empower the members of the society.

My vision of nursing for the future is a practice that embraces the use of health informatics, meaningful use, and powerful health delivery models. The future nurse should possess adequate cultural competence skills in order to address the diverse needs of his or her patients (Meehan, 2012). The future of nursing should also be guided by evidence-based ideas in an attempt to deliver quality care.

The other issue is that nurses encounter a wide range of challenges. For instance, I expect to encounter the challenge of diversity. This means that I must embrace the best competencies and skills to address the health needs of my patients. The other challenge is the issue of nursing shortage (Bruce et al., 2014). The problem might force me to work overtime. Specific problems, such as burnout might also affect my nursing philosophy.

Finally, my philosophy of nursing is guided by specific goals for professional development. The first thing is to embrace the idea of life-long learning (Meehan, 2012). The approach will equip me with adequate competencies that can support the health expectations of more patients. I will establish attainable personal and professional goals. I will also collaborate with different professionals in order to widen cultural competence skills. Such approaches will make it easier for me to become a competent provider of quality nursing care.

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