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Major Beliefs and Domains of Personal Nursing Philosophy


Nursing denotes the support, protection, and betterment of healthiness and capabilities, prevention of diseases, enhancement of recuperation, mitigation of pain and suffering via diagnosis and treatment, and facilitation of the care of patients, their family members, and communities. It centers on care providers to boost the quality of life. Nurses take part in the development of the plan of care, operate jointly with doctors, patients, family members, and other health professionals to ensure positive outcomes.

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Assumptions and Beliefs

There is an assumption that nursing can only be successful if the actions of nurses are in line with the patients’ goals for health (Mackintosh-Franklin, 2016). Hence, nurses ought to explore each patient’s goal for care and incorporate this into healthcare provision. Another assumption is that the exclusivity of the condition of the patients ought to be recognized to ensure that nursing is relevant to their needs. There is a belief that nurses are independent practitioners. Nevertheless, a nurse is a primary helper when it comes to the implementation of the prescriptions of the physicians. Another belief is that nurses are knowledgeable enough to make excellent decisions regarding the plan of care.

Major Domains

Nursing has created a philosophy than comprises three domains: person, environment, and health (Mackintosh-Franklin, 2016). Nurses understand that every person (patient) is unique in his capacity to take part and interrelate with a dynamic healthcare setting with respect to their rights to autonomy, self-accountability, and confidentiality. The environment should be safe and enable a heedful assessment of the health condition of the patients and appropriate reporting to the physicians. Furthermore, nurses perceive health and sickness as exclusively self-professed and individually experienced conditions.


  1. The three domains are connected strongly in nursing practice. The person is a summation of his/her health, which greatly depends on the environment. All the domains call for the care and focus of nursing since an impact on one considerably affects the others. In this regard, they have to be offered equal attention.
  1. My vision of the future of nursing is enhancement and expertness. The future will generate enhanced demand for nurses and their competency. Attributable to the increase in population, there will be a huge deficit for the people with nursing proficiencies (Holt, 2014). I also foresee a situation where the field of nursing will develop to facilitate nurses’ provision of greater extents of care with the reduction in the need for medication alteration and reimbursements. The demand for advanced practice nurses will keep rising as the needs of the people emerge.
  1. The difficulties that I will experience as a nurse are a stress and exhaustion attributable to long working hours, as well as the possibility for burnout (Holt, 2014). Nevertheless, with proactive consideration coupled with effective stress management approaches while ensuring suitable work-life balance, I am convinced that the experiences of stress and burnout will be reduced in a manner that will create job satisfaction and motivation for nurses. I as well feel that the political environment might pose challenges in the nursing field since it may adversely affect the provision of health care reimbursement, in addition to government impact on insurance coverage.
  1. My objectives for professional development in nursing encompass continued learning in an effort of eventually becoming a Nurse Practitioner and later a nurse manager (Holt, 2014). Moreover, I purpose to acquire an advanced certificate and boost my nursing practice, professionalism, and experience. In conclusion, I find nursing to be a continuous learning profession, which makes me set the goal of at all times remaining well-informed on the latest and most useful means of helping patients.


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