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Personal Nursing Practice Reflection

What motivates me in my practice?

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One of the factors that motivate me in my practice as a nurse is a well-established team of trustworthy leaders. We have departmental leaders who are keen on meeting the needs of employees. I am never handled like a subordinate when working with the senior team. The team leaders are very understanding and always ready to listen to individual issues affecting employees. In addition, the department that drives the agenda within the area of my practice is always keen to make sure that employees remain relevant (Mastal, 2010). I have witnessed a very impressive degree of relevance at my workplace through continuous capacity building and training carried out in seminars and workshops.

Better still, the daily care challenges that I face when delivering assistance to patients are a real source of motivation that keeps me innovative and working hard (Miles & Vallish, 2010).

What do I do best in my practice?

In my nursing practice, I mainly excel as a passionate caregiver. I am very articulate when it comes to hands-on caregiving to patients (Sanford, 2010). Even though I work in a particular station, I have managed to be versatile enough in the delivery of care services to patients in unfamiliar settings. The care services I offer to patients are varied. For instance, I take care of the total physical needs of patients whenever it is necessary. This entails helping patients in various duties such as cleaning and disinfecting wounds, proper intake of drugs, and regular changing of attires. I always feel obliged to attend to patients with love and retain their dignity until they fully recover (Miles & Vallish, 2010). Knowledgeable and skilled care services have always been part of my best segment in nursing practice.

Where do I get the most satisfaction in my practice?

My greatest satisfaction in the practice is when I see a patient going through care and medication and eventually recovering. It is so much satisfying to witness a patient who has gone through your care recover fully and eventually be discharged from a hospital (Mastal, 2010). Moreover, the cordial cooperation that exists between staff members is a major reason to be satisfied in my practice as a nurse. There is no single time when we care for patients as individuals. Teamwork and caring for one another are strong pillars cherished by colleagues (Sanford, 2010).

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What am I most proud of about my practice?

The level of experience I have gained so far in my practice indeed makes me proud even as I face new challenges every day. The knowledge acquired in college is usually raw and unless it is put to test, there can be no assurance of excellence in the delivery of care. As it stands now, I can confidently attend to very demanding and delicate care services to patients (Miles & Vallish, 2010). I am no longer thrilled when nursing scary wounds because I have the necessary experience.

How might I attract a consumer or organization to pay for my skills?

I need to be more than just a caregiver to attract consumer organizations to compensate for my services. For example, I should be innovative as a nurse. While there are standard nursing procedures for delivering care services to patients, it is necessary to advance my studies and probably conduct an empirical research study on a specific area of nursing (Mastal, 2010). The research study to be conducted should address a particular nursing challenge and how it can be possibly tackled. The study should explore specific research questions that can be best attended to through funding.


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