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Personal Philosophy of Success and Strategies

Success is the individual’s ability to overcome a challenge or task in a particular situation. It is important to note that philosophically, success is a relative term meaning, it ranges from small magnitudes of achievement to considerably larger ones. Nevertheless, it is crucial to relate to certain aspects of principles and strategies that enhance accomplishments. Such standards may help one to adopt goals aimed at achieving great outcomes.

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My first philosophy of success is “constancy to purpose”, which implies that for one to succeed, remaining focused and emphasizing doing what it takes is paramount. Moreover, I borrow much from experimental physics in which scientists remain relentlessly researching complex equations to provide satisfying solutions to life challenges. This approach resonates with the stipulation of plans and taking action which provides the lead to success.

Another philosophical academic strategy I developed to help in my future career growth and general reasoning is “by being taught one learns little, but by teaching others an individual becomes an expert”. This entails several aspects of cognitive learning which ultimately leads to success. The pivotal aspect of this theory emphasizes learning to know, and after gaining the knowledge, expand the acquaintance teaching it to others.

It is eminent to recount that as a peer teacher, one has a strong grip on the content to teach others. This aspect of good command in content sharpens one’s skills to learn in detail to become successful and teach the rest. I relate so much to this concept of life which propel me to learn new life ideas. The other academic strategy that is also important is “patience coupled with action to create new opportunities”, which I borrowed from an anonymous Russian wise man’s sayings, “we overcome the difficulty, the impossible ones take us a little longer”. These wise sayings inculcate an unwavering spirit to overcome the most difficult tasks in academics and career choices.

It also implies that one must develop an indomitable spirit that is integrated as an unequivocal resolve to undertake a task, no matter how difficult it is. I will apply the three philosophies as my success pillars in school work since they are imperative in academic work as well. Practical life requires much patience and practice, coupled with discipline, focus, and readiness to be criticized. The critics’ can either be positive or negative, whichever side the detractor takes, one should be equipped to stay calm and follow instructions. On the other hand, I will also put a focus on my everyday habits like time management and study plans.

I expect setbacks like slow progress and scarcity of learning resources such as time and money in my academics, nevertheless, striving to give my best is my priority. By starting on a small scale like spending two to three hours to read at my initial states of the strategy implementation. I look forward to remaining persistent and transforming into a more competent person. On top of these strategies, staying religious also plays a vital role in shaping up habits and values. I believe that spiritual morality and dignity are intertwined with success.

Purity and integrity arouse a personal zeal to succeed, which is important in raising self-confidence and esteem. In summary, success is the happiness of individuals and organizations. It is a relative term and requires one to develop concerted efforts to achieve it. As such, planning, time management, extensive research, and viable strategies are the ingredients of both academics and other aspects of success in life.

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